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Enough to Lift Your Syrup


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Looks a tad Breezy this weekend.

Comment from one forecaster


It certainly feels as though autumn has begun a month early, and the weather charts are confirming this suspicion.

The Atlantic hurricane season is well underway, and although Katia has stayed east of the USA it is in the process of heading into the jet stream and will be heading across the Atlantic towards European shores next week.

In fact Katia makes it into the North Atlantic by Saturday. It's not unusual to see a tropical storm marked on surface weather charts at this time of year, but it's more unusual to see a full blown hurricane on there. But that's exactly what appears on the UKMO forecast chart for midday on Saturday. It's just then that Katia is being 'hooked up' by the jet stream, although because of the reduction in sea temperature she will quickly become ex-tropical after this time.



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Marina weekend then, still, I have some jobs to do on the ship so all is not lost. :(

The depression off Southern Ireland is expected to track north up the west coast of Ireland and Scotland so we should miss the worst of it, but I agree I would stay in the marina.


Katia is the one shown off Newfoundland, but the hurricane watch sites show her following a similar track and getting between the Western Isles and Iceland by 02:00 on Monday.

This is not a good week for going out to sea!

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They look SW or WSW to me which means we could creep around into the backwaters at a pinch but we're off round to Walton and Frinton basin next week anyway so would rather get the jobs done, oddly one of the jobs is a new wind transducer and instrument. :lol:

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Isobars are quite far apart over Suffolk on Sunday, so high winds but not storm force,

but it looks like Devon and Cornwall will take a hammering.

That depression looks like tracking up towards the Iceland / Scotland gap and then just sitting there for a few days.

Look further West though!

Katia is really barrelling her way across the Atlantic.

Now that is one tight set of isobars,

and your plot is also showing torrential rain (50-100mm in 6 hours isn't it!)

Luckily the Met Office plots show her losing her structure during Sunday and becoming less intense

as she reaches the colder waters of the Atlantic.

Even so I wouldn't want to put a brolly up in Cornwall on Sunday / Monday!

And then Scotland & Ireland are going to get hammered again next week.

Is the UK's drought officially over yet?

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Thats the last thing i wanted to hear, were off upto Yorkshire towing our Caravan on Sunday, and a strong headwind is a caravanner's nightmare, despite having top notch gear fitted, and doing everything by the book, not only from a stability point of view, but also because it makes the tug drink fuel by the gallon as it battles in its power! :naughty:

Once we get on pitch, we will be spending some time with our salty bottom friends who have a crab and lobster fishing business, so it often means that we get to put to sea with them a few times during the visit, but it rather looks like our chances of that one have been dashed for next week, and we will just have to be content with watching the seascapes breaking on Filey Brigg and around the bays from the safety of a dry land vantage point :cry

Julz :wave

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Going North on Sunday you will probably have a tail wind as you will be well east of the depression.

One site I looked at is predicting SE-SW 4 with gusts up to 37 mph for Yorkshire.

SE - SW is probably better for you than a head or side wind,

especially as your forward speed will reduce the apparent wind and make it go more behind you.

It might be a bit windier on Saturday and Monday (SW 5,Gusts up to 44 mph)

and then get a bit better later in the week.

Have a nice trip!


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We are going on holiday to the north coast of Cornwall next week!! Should get a few good clips / photos of breaking seas on the camcorder ( not literally).

I suppose that it just means that we will have to suffer some investigations into the local ale situation. Shame! cheerscheers Brian J.

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I have been looking at the tide tables for the Whitby to Spurn head stretch of the coastline, and its indicating one of the highest tides of the last decade is due on the equinox during the last week of September. :o

We have been around that part of the coast when they had a very high spring tide before, and it takes the floating pontoons in the marina up to their highest limits, it also floods the road in the South bay which is a very rare sight, so what this whopper of a tide will do, especially if any Easterly winds are blowing at the time is anyones guess! :naughty:

I love seascapes, especially when im watching them from a safe distance, as i will be for the next couple of weeks, perched ontop of a cliff at Flambrough head. :dance

Julz :wave

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  • 7 months later...

Yes it has been a tad a Shotley.

Last night it was 35-40 knots gusting 45, time for extra string.

Rod's Taxi Company had suspended its service due to the road being a bit 'bumpy'!

I suspect it was more to do with actually boarding a pilot than the launches having an issue with the weather.

Now about that drought :liar

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