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Rubbing strip


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i tried wilks they are mega expensive :o

for some reason rubber is really expensive at the minute 1 chap said the chinese are buying it all for some reason :roll:

the pvc is cheaper than the rubber at the minute which is handy as i'd prefer the pvc with coloured insert but even that is 350+

if i can knock it down to under 300 i'll be happy (well not happy but happier ) lol

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well i finally got through to them, i will say they are a nightmare to try and speak to

i think they must close mondays as not even the recpetionist answered lol

anyway yes they are cheaper than anyone else but only stock ally stuff

so i've gone with that :)

got the whole lot for £245 thats £100 cheaper than any other quotes

i did try and get a bit of discount but they weren't having it :grin:

next question is how on earth do i bend it round 90 degrees and even worse about 100 degrees for the bow

looks like i'll be doing a lot of :bow and asking for divine help later

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Aluminium alloy is quite hardened after being extruded and will crack if you try, you must anneal it by heating it around the area you want to bend, if you put some fairy liquid on the back of it and heat from the other side you will know when it has reached temperature when the liquid has bubbled away and started to show a dark residue. Best thing is to practise on some extra bits to see how it behaves.

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Anteres you are a diamond chap

i done exactly what you said and bent a 90degree bend perfectly with my knee

i had to put a rag on my knee as it was ruddy hot but it bent it lovely

nice and carefully

i now have 1 corner and 2 strips of rubbing strip on my boat

it's the 1st time we've ever know it to have it as it was missing when we got it 3 yrs ago

she is a happy lady now

is there a knack of fitting the rubber insert?

i haven't tried yet but if it's anything like the rubber on the old car windscreens they are a pain in the rear lol

thanks again for the perfect advice :party:

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Can't really offer any specific advice without seeing the profile Steve, but in general terms the insert will be PVC so make sure its warm in the areas where it bends (gently with heat gun) and use some fairy or best of all silicone spray. I have used a rubber mallet to od effect but be fairly gentle with it.

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well it's all on :party:

i now have a blister on the palm of my hand but it's on

the ally went on great with heating it up on the bends

and the rubber has a lip top and bottom

i just put it all on the bottom and top in places to secure it then went round and put all the top in

it looks great now with rubbing strip finally on her

now for the non-slip paint and anti-foul :)

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