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Cooling circuit

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Hi all

Long shot but does anyone have a diagram of the cooling circuit for a VP TAMD41A?

Since getting the boat we have never been able to generate hot water from the engine. The calorifier is quite new but I had a look at the way the coil is plumbed in and it look like both pipes go to the same side of the thermostat housing. I was expecting so see one of the pipes coming off the water pump so there would be some flow.

Any ideas please:




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Whichever way the connections should go, and whether they are right or wrong at the moment, it's important to bleed the coil when connecting up.

Whenever I've changed calorifers in various boats in the past, I always needed to connect the flow side and leave the return (from the calorifer) off with the engine running, until the pumped water started to run out of it, then push it onto the return nozzle on the engine.

Whenever I didn't do that, the airlock stopped any flow, and the calorifer never received any heat.

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Good point about the airlocks ,worth a try.If it ,s not that there are some plugs in the side of the block?

Maybe, I usually just disconnect the hose because there's no doubt over which one, and it's easy to push back on quickly...

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Thanks for all your replies everyone.

Yesterday I fitted a couple of ball valves right next to the engine so I can shut off if anything untowards happens. I flushed the coil thru (into a bucket for safe disposal of course) both ways and that ran fine. Tried to bleed off with the engine running but there does not seem to be any flow - which sort of back up my thinking that the take offs are at the same point on the engine.

Good point about the soldered joints - these will be replaced!

I will have a hunt around to see if I can find some other ports.

best regards


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If you have no luck Wayne, you can look at my engines when we are up at Coldham to compare. I'm sure the TAMD41 and AD41 are the same blocks so should be plumbing the same. I'm fairly certain I have no water pipes coming off the thermostat housing. I think they are more in the region of the heat exchanger. I was only in the engine bay yesterday, but didn't read this post until we'd got home! Typical!

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