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1 year on


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Well it is now one year on since we handed the cheque over for Capt Matt, so I thought I would jot some words down about ownership.

1 Yes it is expensive.

2 It costs even more than that.

3 Every visit we dread something going wrong and something usually does!

4 It has taken over our live’s, at home we only think about getting back onboard, onboard we think when is the next time?

5 The Capt is only a small boat 22 years old and including purchase, a new hood, moorings and running costs I reckon we have spent £14,000 BUT in the previous 2 years we have had 2 5 star cruisers plus a yearly visit to the broads at £900 approx so if we get another 5 weeks on her next year I will call it quits.

6 Luckily I earn enough to do this and it is our only hobby and most work is done by us, Jill made the curtains and bed covers and quilt for a V berth, I fitted the new pumpout toilet, not easy.

7 Would we go back to hiring? Possibly. If we could phone anytime to get the boat we want when we want it and do not have to payout for it.

8 Ownership is not for everyone but we love it.

9 I can see some advantages of hiring but now we are sold on ownership.

10 We looked at syndicate ownership but while my wife is retired I still W*RK and am limited as to when I can take holidays.

11 The ducks are now safe on our last night Jill no longer hurls bread with intent to cause GBH . I have also witnessed others doing this.

12 I can now sometimes stern moor, but nobody sees the good one’s only those that go wrong!

13 If you want to buy do not be afraid to look elsewhere and get the boat transported.

14 IT'S FUN, wish we had done it years ago.


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Great comments Paul, enjoyed reading this one. It did actually bring back to me a few of those feelings of " have I done the right thing ", well, I did, and have never looked back. I must admit though, I always seem to have my hand in my pocket for something I've seen for my boat, but that's my "hobby". It did get to the point though, of nearly selling the boat a few months ago, due to my wife having a few problems, but she's convinced me to keep it,,,,,,tough decision eh lol, so now looking forward to a few trips up and down the river, in total solitude, and a few days/nights fishing.

Best days work I ever done.

Have a nice day all

Baz cheersbar

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