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:wave hi everyone just read a letter in webuser mag, some guy looked at his emails & stumbled across a Lloyds TSB email,he clicked on it& saw a message along the lines of, your account has been noted as having suspicious activity, all you need to do is click on this link & type in your user name & password," some people may fall for this but he did'nt, he noticed that on the email there was'nt a Lloyds logo, & the layout was'nt the same as other Lloyds emails that he recieved,

SO IF YOU'RE A ( TSB ) CUSTOMER PLEASE BE CAREFUL & DON'T GIVE ANY PASSWORDS OR USER NAMES, :norty: just thought i'd warn you all :River Police . lori

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I'm afraid they're very common now.

I have to access several email accounts, some private, some business.

Each week I get about a dozen bank scams, pretending to be from all the major banks and building societies.

They all look identical to the genuine websites because the scammer uses the same logo images and page layouts.

The inevitable giveaway is the opening words "Dear NatWest customer", rather than "Dear Fred Bloggs".

Also, as the banks frequently advise, they will never send any customer an email requesting their password or asking them to run an attachment.

As a further safeguard, never click a web link on an email purporting to come from your bank, always use your own bookmarks or type the web address in from your own records. Scammers often put hyperlinks in emails that actually link to a completely different URL, in a different country.

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just to add if you want to get this I suggest you search Santander bank and on there website click "on line banking log on" it will then ask you and direct to this software and confirm its authenticity. You then get to download it for free without being a santander customer.


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I always run the mouse over the link they provide and then laugh when I look at the URL they are linking to. :lol::lol::lol:

I know it happens but it still surprises me that folk reveal the info they are looking for, especially when you look at where the redirection is heading :o

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If you Google Trusteer.com, there's a lot of concern about it's affect on slowing PC's down and hampering other software.

Some sites even question it's efficacy - http://blog.rlr-uk.com/2009/05/trusteer ... t-ere.html

I'd be very nervous about letting another online third party know my passwords anyway. I prefer to change them regularly instead.

If you read the entire blog your man goes on to say

Edit (10/4/10): I am still getting a lot of hits on this blog post so I thought that I ought to point out that Rapport as a product has matured a lot in the last year and many of the problems with compatibility, etc., have been sorted out. Also, the marketing has changed a lot to be much more realistic. If this is used as a layer in your overall security arsenal and is combined with user education, then it will help to protect your machine, data and identity. Download a keylogger for yourself and try using it before and after installing Rapport and you might see why your Banks are pushing it. I still think that the Banks have a duty to educate their users and to standardise the process of conducting online transactions and authentication to help users and stop many of the attack

Also surely changing all your passwords regularly is only effective if you change them at the exact point between them being stolen and being used.

jonzo, this product is being used by some of the biggest banks in the world to protect there customers online. I am inclined to trust there judgement on the security of it.

Jim, you have to remember that not everyone will be as cautious as you, these phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated and convincing.

Anyone googling it now may well find all your negative comment and be put off. Which can't be a good thing.

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