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Engines can run at any time for navigating wether quiet or not and warming up is part of that, it's only running for ages at a mooring not for navigating that's an issue.

Don't take rules too literally and the 8 to 8 thing is only a guideline I believe.

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The not running engines at moorings from 8pm to 8am is becoming stealth legislation of the worst example as it potentially legitimises running them between 8am to 8pm at moorings. The fact is it is NOT backed up in any way by a byelaw and can not be enforced by the BA. The byelaw prohibits making a smoke or noise nuisance at moorings at ANY time. I would class a running diesel for hours on end as both at a mooring.

The BA have a byelaw, so why do they chose to put advice, they cannot enforce, on their mooring signs rather than the actual byelaw? It doesn't make sense!

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We were asked to try not run our engine after 8pm as a curtesy to other boaters whilst moored on our last hire craft. But by no means was it a legal requirement. I will always endeavour to have sufficient battery charge for the night. But I would never sit on a cold damp boat in the dark. If I absolutely had to run an engine after 8pm I would. I would explain myself to boats moored alongside of me. I remember as a teenager at places like sailhouse Ranworth loads of boat engines running after dark and many more boats mudweighting had there engines running. Unless its an exceptionally bad smoking engine or some nut running it at high revs personally I really done see a problem. The pollution argument thing is nonsense, do boat engines not pollut between 8am and 8pm ??. Some ppl are just to grumpy for there own good 

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I do find it irritating to have peace disturbed, be honest but I also recognise the need in the right circumstances. I do think there's misinformation spread by hire operators about the number of hours per day you should run an engine, typically they say 4 hours but I've also been told 6 hours (which was nonsense). In reality this isn't always necessary if your domestic electric usage is modest. 

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3 hours ago, CambridgeCabby said:

And there you have hit the nail on the head , what with Xbox games , microwaves , power showers , spa baths , microwaves , electric windlasses etc etc the use of limited electric power is far from modest 

With that set up, I'd agree but not everybody has all of that available.

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