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battle on the high seas


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just got back from my three weeks on the broads

just a little story

we had tried to get in one afternoon at ranworth staithe

no such luck so decided to moor at ranworth island

just us and another boat so i settled down to a quiet

and peacefull night

about 8oclock and dark we heard voices and laughter

3 large barns boats heading for the staithe and the horrid

realization there was no room down there and sure enough

the 3 boats came and moored next to us at this point i wanted

to end it all however there was a knock on the window after they had moored

and this chap aged about 25 said dont worry we will be all in bed by 12 oclock

we have had to tell people everywhere we have moored so as not to spoil their night

considering these lads were the pirate types it was very refreshing

they were loud and drunk but true to their word the noise finished at 12.20

the next morning the pirate captain even challenged me to a cutlass duel

however i used the trusty mop and managed to knock his hat off

it just shows sometimes you can get it wrong about these all male crews

and we parted after shaking hands and a good laugh :pirate :pirate :pirate :pirate :pirate

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A great story! We normally assume these people are idiots (born of long experience of northern Broads pirate convoys :pirate ), and more often than not we may well be right - but clearly not always!

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Good stuff. Funnily enough, the only time I've ever moored at Ranworth Island overnight it was August and lovely and peaceful until 9pm. The staithe was busy but there was just room enough for a fleet of 4 boats together to fit in to the various gaps and completely spoil it with their noise. It's put me off that spot ever since which is a shame because it's a lovely location.

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I wondered how long it would take to convert the thread from praising lovely, cuddely pirates to slagging off the much feared, uni-sex, fun loving crews!

Cast off those slippers and get out there and have fun ..... who knows you might enjoy?

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Cast off those slippers and get out there and have fun ..... who knows you might enjoy?

What - you mean throw slippers at the pirates? That's not much use against cutlasses and ghetto blasters, is it? :)

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As a Broom owner you have much more effective ammo Bruce, if the slippers don't work, try the pipe, if that fails use the table lamps or tangle them in the net curtains. :naughty:

FORMER Broom owner David. I decided that was far too young. In any case, there were no slippers, pipe or net curtains on the boat (although, to be fair, there were table lamps).

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