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If I try to access the forum on my mobile over the mobile networks I get a 403 Error, generated by CloudFront which I gather is an AWS service. I can still access the forum over WiFi. I can access other Web pages over both WiFi and mobile networks. Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong. Is it my end or at the forum end?

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thats a good question, and one i dont know the answer to - even after reading up on it via google, the explanations were complex and it was all greek to me.

so, i dont know if it is a setting on the forum, or on your phone network thats causing the issue.

put bluntly, i dont know if the cloudfront thing is part of the forum software, or your phone software.

I generally know enough of the forum back end to be dangerous, and perform simple tasks.

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Thanks for your replies. From what I can gather, CloudFront is an AWS thing. I know they offer services for all sorts on the net, so it could be my service provider (BT on the EE network) or it could be some middleman function. As you say if it's working on WiFi, it suggests it's probably to do with my network provider. I'll keep googling...

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What phone do you have ?

Presumably it used to work at some point on that phone ?

It might be something to do with your DNS settings (Domain Name Service),  that can be changed on some phones from the default.

For instance I have my phone set to a private DNS called adguard, which blocks a lot of pop up ads from websites. But some apps and sites don't like it.  


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Thanks again for the replies and suggestions. I've tried again this morning and it works! So either it was something in CloudFront which has been reset, or it was the standard IT solution - which I should perhaps have tried earlier - of 'turn it of and turn it on again'. Oh well, lets hope it doesn't happen again.

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