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Top Marks Boulters

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A couple of weekends ago we decided to take Orca out for the first trip of the year (We have recently rehomed three little kittens so they are coming first at present)

We thought we would give it a good run and met up with my parents in thurne, grab an overnight mooring and some dinner at the lion (Having arrange a kitten sitter for the night!)

The engine didn't feel right really the start and it felt like it was increasing the rev's itself but only by a little bit but enough I felt it wasn't right, we kinda just put down to that it needed a run and bit of a service.

Just before thurne mouth the engine stopped and yup wouldn't stay running and we drifted into the reeds.  

I've had Boulters recovery service for a number of years and never used it but this is time to use it, I called up and obviously being stuck in the reeds with no road access, meant for the tug boat to rescue us. 

An hour or so later the tog boat was spotted, we all decided to be recovered back to their yard in Horning as we know they hold spares for Orca's setup and worse case they can at lease diagnose.  Within no time we was gently tied up in the yard in Horning, the plan being Boulters would spend a bit of time to work out what's up etc, we could have stayed overnight but decided to head home.

A couple of calls later Sonnys team diagnosed as an issue with a CAV filter, we decided to get them to do the proper and permanent job of changing it out and making it all good. We wasn't in a rush for her back so the guys just fit her in as and when, but we picked her up today and gently motored back up to stalham today. 

I openly admit I really don't trust tradespeople but the experience with Boulters have helped somewhat to restore my faith, the bill for the work was honest and fair for sure and the work too, professional.

So top marks to all at boulters and it's nice for sure to have their service available, hopefully we wont need for sometime soon!




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I saw you in the reeds at Thurne Mouth and assumed you were wild mooring! Glad you were recovered okay by Boulters.

This week I had a trip south and went all the way up to New Mills in Norwich. BIG mistake. So much weed there, that on my way back down river I overheated by the Frostbites Sailing Club, luckily there is road access and Boulters were there in no time at all and unblocked the oil cooler filter and sent me on my way.

A big thank you to Dave and the team at Boulters, their breakdown cover is well worth it…

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We have had Boulters prop foul and break down insurance since 2012 and never had to use it thank goodness but it has a no claims discount which we are lucky to benefit  from.

We had a problem and Sonny knows that I do my own maintenance but gave me good advice told me on a Sunday that his Chandlery had a part that I needed so off on the Monday to Hoveton and picked it up and fixed the problem.

Always joke with them and say you had better give me a good lot of diesel otherwise you'll be out to the boat.:default_biggrin:.

Kindest Regards

Marge and Parge

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