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Hi all, while at work today i learned that a good friend and colleague of mine has recently been diagnosed with Testicular cancer which has gone into his lymph glands. Needless to say, this came as a great shock, and is very saddening to think of the possible suffering he, and his family and friends will go through. I won`t mention his name, though i doubt there will be anybody from work reading this, but the REAL shock, is that he`s only 25 years of age. I`ve had many a good laugh on the golf coarse with him, and hope that we will one day be able to do the same again.

Things like this really make you think differently about the trivial things in life, and appreciate what`s more important. :(:(:(

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Life has a nasty habit of interfering with plans, that’s why though it’s always prudent to provide for the future it should never be allowed to exclude enjoying today. I hope your friend makes a full recovery.

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Hi Neil

Sorry to hear of your friend, I hope he will be OK.

I came close to losing my Mum when I was five, and lost a good friend & my Grandma when I was 20, along with some other members of my family, all to cancer. As you say, it makes you realise that you must make on and enjoy life now and not take things or people for granted. I often remind myself of it when I'm getting stressed by something insignificant or some little work problem etc that in the big scheme of things is just not really important or what life's about.

Take care


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Worrying news, but not necessarily 'terminal'. The prognosis with this condition is now good, and the earlier it's detected, the better (as with all cancers).

Women should conduct monthly self examination to detect breats changes, but we guys should also check our nuts for the same reason.

Good link here http://www.tc-cancer.com/about/self-exam.html

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I have not replied to this thread, as it was posted at the wrong time, if there is a wrong time..............

Just got back from my uncles service and wake.....................


The thing is all of the family (apart from his wife) thought it was is heart, as he was in hospital for the last week of his life....

It was not, he had cancer.

He was diagnosed over two years ago, but didn't want to worry any one.................

courage, brave, sort it out himself.....


PS, My dad says its your round, when you get there.


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Sorry to hear that Geoffers, and sorry for posting this thread at such an inconsiderate time. Cancer is an evil desease which knows no bounds, and can happen to ANYBODY. Both sides of my family, the Lambtons and Lawlors (mums Maiden name) have lost family members to cancer, which does at times make me wonder, but you can`t sit and fret, but just get on with life, and enjoy it as much as you can. I know buying and keeping a boat on the Broads is going to require me to commit a lot of much needed finance on it, but as my Dad says, "you`re a long time dead", so with that in mind, i`l make it happen one day.

Here`s to your Uncle Geoffers, and i hope he enjoyed a long and happy life cheerscheerscheers .

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