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New Cut at 30 Kts + !!!

MY littleboat

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Just looking through some of the videos we managed to take this year, have come across one that I can only title 'Doing the New Cut'.. Lets face it, it is a pretty boring piece of water so when you get the opportunity to LAWFULLY cover the distance, rapidly, at speeds reaching over 30 Knots you don't just embrace the chance but do so with a smile on your face! Just uploading it now so should be ready shortly!

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The blasts of wind that thing caused as it careered past the New Cut at high speed are a danger to sailing craft.

Katabatic Winds are one thing but this is totally unacceptable on the Broads and a danger to the navigation at such close quarters. Network Rail need to be forced to obey the 4 knot limit.

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Oh you little tinker Gav :lol:

Given the heated debate I have been dragged into on another forum, I hope they don't see the title of this one :naughty::naughty:

The mischievous nature of the OP doesn’t discount that as (at least partially) the intent Mark. :grin::naughty:

As these forums are primarily for information and education I always see these kind of threads, high speeds in derestricted COLREG governed areas that is, (speeding in restricted areas is always up for debate) a bit pointless as nobody on either of these forums would be so silly as to do such a thing in proximity to craft of unknown capabilities because they are: considerate navigators, decent people, have a heightened experience of what rough conditions can be like and would never subject a vessel not really built for such stuff to it, especially as the occupants are likely (not surely) to be unaware how to counter the effects and make it a bit more comfortable. Also they would be vilified by the rest of us I’m quite certain. Breydon is a precious resource for seagoing vessels, for testing reliability of systems which goes to safety at sea, making a more rapid transit between north and south systems or simply for a play and nobody here would jeopardise that by flouting the COLREGS on Breydon any more than they would at sea which is exactly what such behaviour is. Most of the estuaries we frequent have speed limits, but like the broads they all have derestricted areas for testing and having fun without going to sea, the people who use these areas have and exercise a responsibility to others as is true of Breydon in the main. Those of us who are accustomed to having four and five feet of water thrown at us at six second intervals may see the eighteen inches of wake that a sports cruiser kicks up as nothing, but it can scare the pants off the inexperienced. Hirecraft crossing Breydon are unlikely to be sufficiently aware that they too have the legal responsibility to keep a proper lookout so it can be made even worse by them not even see it coming.

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Actually David I couldn't see as when the speed exceeded 30mph I was sure I would asphyxiate and I do hope the man with the red flag was a good runner!

I can't make any SWEEPING statements about what boats on the broads cause the most wake but I would say that all the seaboaters I know are very mindful of what is coming out of the back!

David goes on to make the factual case and as we all know the OP is just a bit of fun, there has been so much doom and gloom of late I thought we all needed a bit of a gin - no I meant GRIN!


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