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News On Pozzick and Seren


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This thread has nothing to do with Postwick. It's all about the dog we adopted after our recent trip to the Broads on Water Rail. It was suggested that a separate thread to my 'Wanderings on Water Rail' thread might be a good idea. 

for those who haven't been following the Holidays thread, our doggy adventrue started on the Wednesday of the second week of our holiday, 21st September. I've copied below the tale of how we found Pozzick. We had just left Norwich, having spent the morning there. 

'As we were pootling downriver we can across a couple of kayakers just on the bend after Postwick Viaduct.  Seeing Seren, they asked if we had a dog lead. They had been watching a dog on the bank for about an hour. Dog would stop and howl plaintively ever now and again. 

Graham passed over a lead and some dog treats, the kayaker (Matt) secured the dog and tried to get up the bank with him. This proved impossible, and the dog kept trying to pull back towards the river every time a boat went past. 

Meanwhile I was desperately trying to get hold of Broads Beat (answerphone) then 101. Eventually ending up in a three way conversation between me, Norfolk Constabulary and them on another line with Broads Beat. The outcome was them giving us the number for Broads Animal Rescue. I phoned the Dog Wardens and left message.

Whilst waiting for a call back we thought the best thing would be to try to get the dog on board...though this did seem a bit dicey. We passed over Seren's buoyancy aid. Surprisingly, our stray dog consented to sit in one kayak and was towed over to the boat. He was very wanting to get on board, and helped by scrambling up, which was lucky as I don't think Graham would have been able to lift him.

Once we were moored up in the Cut and kayakers Matt and his wife had joined us, I phoned the Animal Rescue again and gave them our WhatThreeWords location, as well as details of the roads leading to the Cut. 

Our stray was collected just before six this evening. For better or worse, we told the chap that collected him that we might be interested in adoption if his owner isn't traced.'

I kept in touch with the Dog Warden's and once the dog was released for adoption they phoned us. Graham collected the dog from North Tuddenham yesterday. We've called him Pozzick as that's the local pronounciation of Postwick.

After we put the dogs to bed yesterday, he whined for about 10-15 minutes before settling for the night.

Seren is still barking at him if he invades her space. 


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35 minutes ago, LizG said:

Did the chip give any info? I thought I read he was chipped? The papers/media are discussing the number of abandoned pets the charities are receiving 

Yes, we have details of the chip and the company that its registered with, so we'll be able to get the details updated. The receptionist at the Dog Warden's said that the chip was registered with the person who had bred the dog, so presumably the person who bought/took the dog on didn't bother changing the details, or maybe they couldn't if they didn't have a permanent address. 

Graham has made an appointment with our vet tomorrow to get Pozzick checked over. Presumably he'll need innoculations. This is all turning out quite expensive, but we knew that would be the case. Harry, bless him, has sent away for a new collar for him and intends to buy a buoyancy aid for him before our next Moonlight Shadow week. I think we'll also need to get a trailer and a tow bar fitted to the car. There's no way we'll be able to fit all our normal MS kit in the car with two dogs with us!

35 minutes ago, Lulu said:

I feel he’s now the NBN mascot 

Aww - what a lovely thing to say!

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Maybe a buoyancy aid in the winter. The way that he was striding out into the river when he was found, I'd guess he's quite a strong swimmer. Seren doesn't always have her buoyancy aid on anyway. Just when we think she might be at risk, like when we have both the screen and the canopy down and are in areas with a strong tide or crossing Breydon. 

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34 minutes ago, Andrewcook said:

Hi, YnysMon I would like to suggest to you both the only way is to put your clothes in a black sack neat and get the food up there on your next Boating trip when that is.

I already pack my clothes in a very squishy bag, so I’m not sure that would help. 

33 minutes ago, Ray said:

Woof box? 😁


13 minutes ago, Mouldy said:

I’m just developing a mental picture of a trailer with two dogs heads sticking out, suitably equipped with leather flying helmets and goggles!!  :default_biggrin:

Malcolm, you are mad! I think we might lose a dog or two if we tried that. 

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8 minutes ago, Ray said:

And long white scarves I trust 😁 

A la Biggles, obviously.  Sort of Doggles!:default_biggrin: :default_hiding:

Sorry Helen.  Trying to smile.  A little difficult at the moment, but I have to say that the mental image did bring a grin to my face!

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4 minutes ago, Mouldy said:

A la Biggles, obviously.  Sort of Doggles!:default_biggrin: :default_hiding:

Sorry Helen.  Trying to smile.  A little difficult at the moment, but I have to say that the mental image did bring a grin to my face!

That’s good, a smile and grin now and again never did any harm. Helps us through the tough times.

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i had a friend, he had an Alsatian, it always liked to stick its head out of their landrover window in the breeze, after several eye problems and ear infections, he did get it a flying helmet and goggles to wear while driving (and yes on occasion the white scarf.)

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Wow Helen, hats off to you, having had big links with the RSPCA, I thought it was only my family that did stuff like that!

sounds like Pozzick has fallen firmly on all four feet!

Well done to you Graham and your family 

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Pozzick is doing really well on most fronts. He's not reacting at all to Seren barking at him. Yesterday Graham took them separately on walks. This morning we both went out with them. We haven't him off the lead yet, but he seemed okay this morning when I let Seren off whilst Graham still had him on the lead. He was responding fairly well to Graham's training him to stay at heel. 

The only snag is that he's wee'd in the kitchen a few times. I wonder if he's been house trained?

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