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Hi Everyone,

Now that the tacholneston transmitter has completed the digital switchover, has anyone had the opertunity to test freeview on the broads? "Evening Star" has a STATUS 315 Omni-Directional ariel and was able to get most freeview chanels on the northern broads but very patchy on the south.



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Have not tested it lately Andy,but only 10 days ago on the southern rivers most places i got at least 60 channels on Freeview.

And i have an old caravan ariel on the roof.(altho a good one) It was a case of pointing it in the right direction with no trees in front.

I know most of the best reception areas down south for recieving signals and they are Cantley and Hardley mill,Bramerton woods end, Reedham and Surlingham ferry inn.

WRC,Beccles and Oulton broad, New inn moorings can be pretty patchy.

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Yes, fine for me too.

Just got back from the boat after retuning the TV.

All 106 channels (duplicates deleted), all with at least 80% signal strength, nice solid pictures.

That's via an omnidirectional Glomex aerial as well, so nice and simple to use.

My mooring is well blanketed by trees to the south towards Tacolneston, and it was a real problem before the signal power boost, usually no picture at all.

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Down in Suffolk we have lots of problems as the Sudury TX isnt playing ball, the MUX delivering chanel 63 which carried Film 4, Viva etc is running on low power which has been great for lots of aerial companies locally as they have been selling people new antennas and boosters yet people still cant get these channels. The Ch 42 and 44 MUX's which carry the standard channels work fine but it looks as if we will have to wait until June next year before we see these other channels back! doh!!!

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In the last few weeks I have fitted a Status 315 omnidirectional digital aerial to HJ3 the reception has been fantastic at Reedham & Brundall, even worked going down the river, with some distortion obviously. Went to the boat at Reedham last Thursday after the switchover, had to re-tune, now have over 80 channels. :dance all with perfect reception.


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Just back from a weekend on the north side.... Re-tuned all 3 tv's and get full services (114 TV + RADIO) everywhere full signal strength even through salhouse (High trees both banks) where previously had nothing. Perfect reception on the move as well, signal strength only dropping to 80%

Happy days!!!!

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