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I don't know what to start this under

Guest Jonny

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A Little help is needed please

me and father have been talking about the bilge situation i have a couple of question for you if you don't mind answering please

1. is when we fill ower water tank when full the overflow comes into the bilge. so does the water from the shower straight through no pump.

2. now we are looking to put a hole in the side or the stern of curlew would this be possible without a pump for the shower and same question for the overflow for the water tank.

3. when we leave the boat we empty the water tank no there always seems to be water in the bilge area.

Q for number as follows

is this a major problem

is this normal

why does this happen and why

Thank for you time to read this like my dad says every little help well apart from when you muck it up :-D

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Jonny, the skin fitting for the potable water tank overflow (breather)should exit through the topsides at a level just above the top of the tank.

The shower will need a pump to get the water high enough to exit through a skin fitting as the shower tray is almost certainly below or only slightly above the waterline.

Is it a problem?, only if you can't live with it

Is it normal?, absolutely not in my experience

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Dave we have not checked if there has been an outlet for the shower before coming out of the side of curlew and the previous owner has through this to be easyer.

but we are thinking it would be easyer than letting the bilge drain the batteries all the time when not necessary.

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I agree with Dave. it does not sound normal.

Just to clarify Are you saying the overflow from the potable water tank goes into the bilge that does not sound a good idea at all, have you looked at the tank and actually seen where the overflow goes, is a pipe missing or damaged. As Dave says this pipe needs to exit the hull right up high, above the top of the tank.

The shower, have you proved this drains into the bilge,? this is not a good idea at all not what you want down there, just think about what you find in the trap of a sink or bath at home when you have to unblock it, if so again you need to trace the pipes, I cannot think anyway of draining it without a pump, as the water would not like to flow upwards towards a safe level to put a hole in the hull without being pumped.

Hope I understood the question but either way you will need to get in there and trace the existing pipes.

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Like Ive said we are new to this and the only way we would know where most things are IE mechanical or domestics IE hidden away is if we build the boat had the money to buy a new boat or had a blue print.

but as the previous owner has done work to Curlew before hand were finding all kinds of new stuff and by the looks of things going to cost money now if he used some of that free commensence this would not be costing is right now

Yer Gordon mate everything you have read is correct

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