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Boat Stuck On Wroxham Bridge


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There are various signs about stating Wroxham Bridge unsuitable for low loaders diversion, eg on the outer ring road roundabout Sprowston, also ditto 1/4 mile ahead by the mini roundabout in Hoveton. Could be the same satnav used by the hgv’s who periodically take a run up at the railway bridges!

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Just had a quick look and I can't see any signs that advise against low loaders going over the bridge. There are signs from the NDR showing HGVs the way to Rackheath industrial estate, so the signs should be by the last chance to turn round - the industrial estate, if any.

The air suspension on the lorry or trailer could have failed. 

Transporting boats is not a wide open industry and in my experience just about every driver of such vehicles will either know all the boat yards and the routes to them, or have easy access to such information.

When I started at Asda, I didn't just take off towards a store and ask a policeman, I had a quite a few blokes to ask exact directions. Yes, a long, long time before satnav! :default_sailing:

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27 minutes ago, Turnoar said:

Wow, no sign on the NDR roundabout as you say flyodraser, not that you’d see it with all the traffic cones!

I may be wrong but until access to the B1150 was closed at the end of Dobbs/Rackheath Lane was that the last chance diversion?



I was just offering food for thought as a non- local. :default_biggrin:

It seems we don't for sure whether or not low loaders are banned from the bridge but assuming they are, I would expect there to enough room to turn one round in an industrial area. I looked to see if there was a sign at the B1140 mini roundabout but I couldn't see one. Google Streetview.

As I suggested, every boat moving business should be well versed in boatyards and routes to them so it could well be that low loaders are allowed to use the bridge. There are plenty of boatyards around there so there must be well sorted way of moving boats around. Maybe a local will be along soon to put us right.

I contacted John Shepherd in Ayrshire, Scotland to transport the Denham Owl from Glasgow to Brundall. The driver knew all the boatyards around the Broads as they regularly move stuff into, and out from, Brooms. 

I'm still guessing air suspension fail.

On Youtube there are quite a few videos of American low loaders getting stuck on level crossings, with spectacular results!

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11 hours ago, BrundallNavy said:

There are no marks on the road so doesn’t look like it grounded. As I said it was gone less than an hour later so maybe just stopped on the bridge to raise the suspension. 

:default_biggrin:  Perhaps he just stopped because he liked the view?  :default_hiding:

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