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two newbies say Hi


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Welcome both

Doing the same but opting out entirely. Selling the house ,buying a boat and b****cks to the consumer society ! I would sooner give money to boatyards than bankers !


James and Jo'

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Hi all

Thanks for the welcome and the inpending doom of poverty. As regulars you need to advise us on..... :cry "just about everything" :cry

So firstly, as one that only users a computer for work, how much detail do we put here? sorry to be cautious, its an age thing!

Question 2 of 1,000,000 :lol: Whats the best foot wear to stop me marking the GRP deck ( going by your predictions) they better be cheap!

2 at a time, as I dont want to tax you all! :oops:

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Standard deck shoes which can be bought as cheaply or as expensively as you fancy are ideal, I love the really cheapo canvas ones in summer for that “Ernest Hemmingway†look as they bleach out nicely after a few dunkings and a bit of sun.

As for detail, post whatever you feel comfortable with, but general mooring area, model of boat etc is not disclosing too much. Posting your precise marina can have benefits as there are many people who could assist and advise in your immediate area who are members here. When you reach 50 posts you will almost certainly be invited to have access to the members only area when your real identity is confirmed, this is really useful as we have a “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas†rule which means the confidentiality of posts there is respected by everybody (unless they wish to lose access) so you can feel a bit less vulnerable by posting personal stuff.

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Hi & welcome to the forum :wave

If you look round the site you will see many photos of members boats and even of members etc etc, feel free to post what you feel comfortable with.

As for shoes, a decent pair of deccies are the way to go. My deccy of choice is Orca Bay :grin:

Lou xx

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:wave hi to everyone and thanks for the advice on the footwear, D can put them on my every increasing christmas list.

Ok so we are going to be broke! :cry we get the picture , but Hi what about all the good times, the sunsets, the new friends, cheersbar the wildlife, the great norfolk broads. as we were both born here, they have been a part of life off and on. Trapped them for the ministry ( coypu), caneo them ( now up for sale) sail on them with OB supporters, fished them, shoot over them, finally boating on them, how lucky are we! :clap

we are the pride owners of a Four winns 258 and she will be tucked up for winter very soon.

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Thanks A9

as you say when we get used to her, and with some big brothers looking after us.

the collection was a peach, we motored down from brundell only to have a huge Dog otter come up in front of the boat and swim over to the bank and fish along the edge, our first shighting, amazing as we have been caneoing to look for them for two summers.

Had a call today, shes out of the water and needs wrapping up, although we have a few little jobs to do. :yawn:


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Check out the salty bottoms section of the site for news on what happens the other side of Mutford and Yarmouth, there is a healthy number on here that use the Broads and the big Broad the other side of the pier heads. It's official name is Norfolk and Suffolk coast. The Salty Bottoms was started to help others who like the idea of going out but are a bit nervous of the idea and would like a bit of company around. As for out and wrapped, there is a high degree of protection offered by leaving her afloat and some lovely cruising to be.had during the winter, maybe next year. Which area are you moored in?

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Sorry for the late reply but D and I have been away for our wedding annie. She safety wrapped at Somerlayton. Brian and Mark have been more than helpful and have my thanks for their support and friendly advice. Did gather what the salty bottoms were all about and appricate the future offer. All new and some steep learning curves ahead.

PHand D :party::dance

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