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3 Rivers Race 2023


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Email confirmations of entry and other details such as your race start time, were sent out 6th May if you've not received your confirmation then contact the3riversrace@gmail.com

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110 hours ish till the start,
111 entries.
Current forecast
Light cloud and sun... Good
15mph wind ... Good.
North easterly ... Not so good.
It makes the first mile and a half through the village and trees difficult as the wind has to come over the raised ground and houses.
It also makes the narrow River Ant a tack up river, a 50 foot wide river is difficult enough in a dinghy let alone a 40ft broads yacht.

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27 hours to first start. 

Weather forecast still North Easterly, 14 to 16mph, gusting Max 22 mph, and that's overnight!

Once clear of Horning it could be a fast race, I could see many trying for Hickling first.

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I have only once been lucky enough to be on the Broads during the 3RR. Moored by the Mill at Thurne Dyke.

What a spectacle on a lovely evening after dinner in the Lion and a pint or two, it made my week!

Good luck to all the participants and organisers.


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It sure is lovely to watch sat safely moored up or at the pub :default_biggrin: I love being moored and the first thing you hear of a sailie coming is their sails as they billow in the wind before they gently glide past, gives me goose bumps. Love it x


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2 minutes ago, Turnoar said:



36 minutes ago, Gracie said:

Good luck and all the very best to all taking part, I hope it goes well. I wish I could be there to see it, not navigate through it though :default_biggrin: x


You can always watch on the various webcams set up around the course. 

Not quite as windy as originally forecast!

I'll be in the galley for a shift this evening and then in the morning. Potential for over 400 breakfasts!


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The sound of silence from Ludham bridge guardship is deafening, I suspect the lead boats have swept past Ant mouth and are on the way here to Hickling.

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