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Just a quick Hi


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Just thought I'd say hello.

Yes it's yet another one of those bloody holiday parties who will be clogging up the broads next year. However as a bit of a break from the norm we're avoiding high season completely and going for end of September beginning of October. We're also not the usual crew of a hire boat as two of us have been up year on year in the past and now enjoy the Saturday afternoon of mooring up and watching the newbies try and kill themselves when mooring up for the first time :)

Anyway thought I'd introduce myself and also say if anybody knows of anything that is a must not miss event in the first week of October next year, give us a buzz :)

Stu, Mael, Jane and Dan

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hi and welcome, 3 fs and an h

hope you have a brill holiday

jill :party2:

cheers Jill, I know I will. It's going to be a whole new experience for two of our party though.

As something of an added bonus it will also be my other halfs 40th while we're on the broads so I think a Meal in the Lavender House @ Brundall will be a must do. Although logistically I think that may be a final night jobbie as I have no desire to rush the week away getting from Ludham down to Brundall.

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I have no desire to rush the week away getting from Ludham down to Brundall.

Welcome aboard.

Good choice to stay up North, remember that it wouldn't just be the getting down to Brundall but the getting back again as well! :dance

(And that is from someone who did a four day short break hire out of Brundall and went

to Salhouse, for the Quiz at the Bell, Barton Broad and back to Brundall...)

Make sure that the heating works properly (and you know how to turn it on) before accepting the boat,

it gets cold at nights that late in the season.


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Thanks again everybody.

I just hope nobody books up the boat we have our eye on between now and the 13th (payday) Otherwise it'll be hunt for another one time, which although no hardship is not ideal, especially given the fantastic value going at that time of year. I can easily see it becoming an annual thing for me.

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