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Bow thruster - intermittent power

Guest JohnT

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Hi all

I have a Max Power60 mono fitted, during last year it allways worked to starboard but after a nights stay it would rarely work to port. As soon as the batteries charged (and i assume the voltage increased) it worked ok. Any suggestions where to start looking?

JohnT cheersbar


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Hi John

I am only guessing but wonder if you have a bearing or gear beginning to break up.??

As it works one way but not the other, the bearing / gear would be under a reverse load so to speak so freer one way but tightening up in the other direction.

The battery ( EDIT not to mean BATTER ) current required, should be the same, I would have thought, in either direction.

Does it sound strange in one direction than the other?

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Hi John, the first place to start looking is the people who fitted it unless it was a DIY job, in which case:

Does it have a dedicated battery of adequate capacity, it should have, as this at least appears to be a voltage related issue and only on one side I would be looking at resistances, starting with the low current side including switch or joystick, connectors and cabling all the way to the high amperage relay and then check the large power cables, are the adequate for the run, are the connections well made to each terminal.

As this is a new installation I doubt ant corrosion has built up on the connections but still best make sure they are all bright. Perhaps a quick spray of switch cleaner in the operating switch wouldn’t hurt, but then again shouldn’t be needed as it’s so new.

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No, managed to rerieve the text:

Thanks for your replies, Brian obviuosly my written english is poor - the thruster is now 5 yrs old! Now where did i put that comma?

Paul not a bad idea but i hope you are wrong!


Sorry John, missed the comma, your written English is clearly better than my eyesight, the rest however still applies.

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I just had an epifanie if this is a bow thruster with multiple props could this be fesable that one of the props is snagged up a little therefore not giving you as much thrust as the other?

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