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Towing an inflatable on the broads


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Hi everyone,

My plan for the summer is to have a couple nights out on the broads camping and fishing. I was wondering if there were any rules as far as towing an inflatable boat were concerned. Me and my friend both have inflatable boats but i'll have an outboard on mine so the plan was to put all the fishing gear, tents, drinks etc in his boat and tow it behind mine.

Also as the broads is famed for its scenery, would we be allowed to cook a smokey bbq at moorings or elsewhere. :)

I've never seen anyone towing on the broads so it would helpfull to know if I'll get a "tap on the shoulder" from the BA.

Many thanks

Branden :P

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Sounds like real Huckleberry Fin stuff, have a great time, if you are towing then make up a Y bridle rather than a single line and watch it on your prop, not that it would be too difficult to free from an outboard but it could be a problem in mid stream with a load pf boats up yer chuff. :grin:

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No issue with towing or bbq'ing really, but the camping bit could give you an issue. I have seen people camping at BA moorings before (mainly sailers from open cockpit yachts and half-deckers) so it is done, but whether it's actually allowed or not is another matter. Bear in mind that the majority of the river bank is private land and you can see there could be some issues.

I know the chap at Wayford Bridge who hires canoes (Banks Boats) used to hire canoes for long weekend type camping trips and has negotiated with local landowners permission to camp, so it may be worth contacting him to see if he can give you any suggestions.

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As far as the Y bridles concerned i was thinking of putting a foam float half way to try and keep the rope up away from the outboard. I'm not sure but if im allowed to cook a bbq then maybe i'd be able to put up the tent at a mooring or pub but i'll definately have to speak to someone official about that. If not i'll ask various landowners in advance. :P

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Sounds a great idea, may need to change your name to Ray Mears :) . We frequently tow our tender, either the inflatable or even the small speed boat behind out boat. I made a Y bridal to tow them with with a fender in the middle to keep the rope afloat and minimise the chances of it ending up wrapped around the prop. Couple of points, you will use more fuel, and manoeuvring can be interesting if you have lot of weight in the second boat especially if the inflatable doing the towing doesn't have much of a keel. Go for a fold up BBQ rather than a disposable one there much better. and lastly take everything home with you if camp in the wilds, including the unmentionables if nature calls!

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make sure you get some good insect repellent if sleeping on the side of the river

What about getting a hammock to sleep between 2 trees :-) you can get a sheet

to go over the top to keep any rain off and also a hammock insect cover.

Funny isn't is that sleeping on the riverbank and cooking outdoors is now seen as unusual

it wasnt that long ago when nobody would have given it another thought.

I'd also take a Ghillie kettle they boil water on a few twigs for a nice morning cuppa

and washing water etc :-)


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