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North to South and back again


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Okay folks, your advice please

We will be down on the broads week commencing 28/09/2012 cruising out of Ricos and was wondering if in your varied experiences if it's even possible to do a relaxed North to South and back again cruise over the space of a week or if it just makes more sense to stick up on the Northern broads for the week?

Any advice is very much welcome.


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North in one week good,

South in one week good,

Both in two weeks good.

All in one week MANIC!

I once did a four day hire out of Alphacraft and made it to Wroxham and back but didn't see much of the South and picked a week when the tide times at Yarmouth were ideal for what I wanted to do , i.e. around 09:30 going north and 11:30 going south.

My itinary was

Brundall- Reedham (ist day after pick up)

Reedham - Yarmouth - Ranworth

Ranworth - Barton - Wroxham - Salhouse

Salhouse - Yarmouth - Brundall

I would not call it in any way a relaxed trip.

Personally I would stay up North and consider doing some of the quite stretches,

up to Dilham (if you can get under Wayford),

up to Coltishall (if you can get under Wroxham)

and of course there is always that mythical bit that is supposed to be north of Potter Heigham (if you are .... lucky!)

There is enough to keep you amused up north

(See my threads in Holiday Tales if you want some ideas, I even did a tour in 2010 where we did seven days and six pubs!)

Thurne, Acle, Salhouse (ring the Bell and they pick you up in a car!) Coltishall , Ranworth, Ludham,

Horning (The New Inn lets you book a mooring to go with your table)

I seem to remember.

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Another point is that the nights will be drawing in then too, so your cruising time will be restricted. I tend to agree, maybe keep up North and take it easy. Having said that I have done North and South in a week several times but mostly in May/June time when the days are longer. It is a bit hectic to be honest.


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Me personally would stay North if only out for the week,why waste all that fuel tearing about and have a steady cruise around instead,But if I was out for 2 weeks then a steady cruise down the southern Broads would be my idea of an holiday


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It's all a matter of personal preference I think. My choice is usually to go south for part of the week, but I'm often out in peak season when to be honest it's nice to get a relative break from the crowds going south. I've done whole weeks north as well and always found there's enough to do, even with not being able to get under Potter. It'll be quiet that time of year and I agree with the comments above about daylight hours, makes a GY crossing more complicated.

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Agree totally Simon and Stu- we had the tallest boat our first time out and couldn't go under any bridges but had a wonderful time. Going to the Spring meet in April. Stu lots to do and see and wonderful people to meet especially those who are passionate about boating and the Broads. Whatever boat you get embrace the moment !


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we went from north to south and back again last year and still managed to have a relaxing time (although it was in may when there were more daylight hours). Obviously you have to be more selective over which parts of both areas you want to see as trying to do it all would make it too hurried.

what we did was put in a LONG day of cruising to give us a more relaxed pace the rest of the weel. So much so that we even spent two nights on Oulton Broard. ( didn't want to miss the power boat racing.

I suppose its all down to what you want to see and at what pace.. I must admit though its more relaxing down south as the north is much busier with boats taking up moorings, the idiots that couldn't navigate to save their lives and the obligatory pirate crews.

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