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Salt v's Fresh

Guest mariotech

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As some of you may know we will be leaving the Broads this spring to take up our new residency in the salt at Tollesbury. Crackerjack is out of the water and I am preparing her for salt. So as some of you have made this transition both ways, what are the benefits/pitfalls of residing in salt or fresh and what preparations can be made.

Jonathan :Stinky

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We enjoyed our time on the Broads (except the PB's) but it was time to reacquaint myself with my formative years of boating and get back salt side.

One of the key things for me was the 'clat' getting out to sea from the Broads you could have experienced a whole years weather by the time you exited the Pier Heads or by the time you got their found the weather was not good enough for your passage. Therefore I really wanted to be berthed where I had 24hr access to the sea at a 'drop of a hat' for me this is the biggest bonus. The fact we are berthed in a modern state of the art marina which is extremely friendly is a real plus.

'Real' Yotties don't have the same hang ups and overblown sense of there own perceived superiority you find on the Broads, some of the nicest folks in our marina are from the dark side :shocked

I really don't see any downsides sure your anodes may disappear quicker and you will almost certainly need a lift and anti foul most years due to growth but I don't see this as a problem. I guess some would see the higher cost of keeping a boat salt side but I believe all things considered we get good value; its not cheap but it is value.

I am sure you will enjoy your time Jonathan and with a young family the facilities of Tollesbury are good even if access is a bit more limited. Not sure if Ellen MaCarthuer is still berthed there or not but if so you can get a tip or two for the PB's ;)

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