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Fears that clinical waste had been dumped in the River Yare


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Have been following this as it was found by a forum user on another place. Nichola Brown actually kept an up to date 'Whats happening next' with the bag that turned out to contain books, clothing and the like. However, the EDP were keep to get this story too. You know that stretch of the river probably better than anyone and I have noticed when I have been to Norwich how really bad pollution is in places. What is it generally like where you are?

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Seemed like loads of folk jumping to conclusions if you ask me.

The sack looks to have been used as just that a sack, which someone has put rubbish and dumped.

Plenty of places these can be got hold of including ebay, ok not with Waveney NHS Trust but many of these types of bags are produced in the UK so hardly a secure supply chain.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yellow-Clinic ... 3cb6d2cdc3

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years ago we used to clear the rubbish along our streach regularly, usualy on a tuesday which gave the weekend rubbish time to gather around us

from the citys weekend fun and games as it seamed to be mainly made up of condoms, fast food and booze based rubbish and garden waste durring

the garden clean up season.

as the years went by the rubbish started to contain drugs related rubbish (needles) which we were not willing to deal with.

the amount of rubbish we were clearing was bad enough in those days.


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the Yare is like an open sewer sometimes. and worst after the clubbers have been out and about

what we need is a rubbish catchment on the sides of the bridges.

God knows they spend enough money putting nasty bridges in to increase the traffic

but do nothing to clean up after them.

BTW anyone know about the sunken boat at Bishops Bridge ?


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