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Granary Staithe, Hoveton

Hockham Admiral

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Having just read the joke about the cows I do wonder which type of Local Government this falls into...

Owned by Norfolk County Council and they want to sell it for £250,000,

or lease it as £25,000 a year fro 10 years.

So my first question is could anyone make over £25,000 a year from it?

£25 a time to moor to pick up the pilot... Would they get 1,000 boats a year?

£2.50 a time and that 10,000 boats a year....

And then all it takes is Barnes Brinkcraft make a couple of spots available for the pilot and bang goes the business model....

Parish Council hope to buy it for £50,000.

Norfolk County Council have a property arm that will handle the sale, lots of expensive legal wrangling to come...

Hold on who owns Norfolk County Council if it isn't the people of Norfolk, so isn't it already in public ownership?

Who will make money out of this, only the consultants, beaurocrats and lawyers involved in the exercise...

Ok so the Parich Council hopes are probably hot air, so lets assume someone buys it and then stops the boats mooring for the pilot,

and Wroxham / Hoveton prove yet again that they don't want any trade from the boating fraternity as

even less boats will go north of the bridge to reach the only public mooring spots...

A prime "Gateway to the Broads", so the Council claim, sounds to me more like they want someone to buy it and shut the gate.

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Hi Martin

i dont think they would hirers can moor in loynes for free but as for private people i would moor in loynes even tho it states no private boats i would just for a couple min stop for the bridge pilot....

but if it cost £25 to get under i dont think the pilot office will be going for long


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