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Golden Emblem


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So after our 'interesting' first ever week last October on the Broads, on Fair President 3 (please see Holday Tales for the story) - we have decided to give it another go...

This time we have booked Golden Emblem from Horning Ferry Marina for a week over Easter.

I would be most interested to hear your thoughts, advice or tips on this boat !

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Never been out with Ferry Marina so I can't comment much on the boat itself.

My one little piece of advice is to make sure you listen when they tell you how to switch the helm position from saloon to top deck and vice versa, and make sure that you know how to.

I had great fun (I don't think) the first time I took out a dual steer boat

and went to switch over the helm from the upper position to the saloon

as we were coming up to a the Yarmouth bridges only to find that I couldn't remember how to do it!

Luckily we had already realised that all the switch over did was change the active morse controller (throttle / gear lever)

and both wheels still worked all the time (three year old playing "captain" on the saloon wheel whilst I was steering from the upper one, and doing some sudden hard a port / hard a starboard moves when I wasn't expecting them had shown me that!)

So it was simply a case of set the throttle up top and take over the wheel down below...

Easter is early this year so don;t forget the warm clothes,

it would be a pity to have an upper steering position and then not use it because you were freezing up there.

But it would have been better to have checked it out properly with the yard.

The guy from the yard explained everything but then just got off and said "Ok off you go", without any time on the water..

He must have thought that I knew what I was doing!

Out on Fair Freedom over Easter so may see you.

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Hi Kugababe!

Delighted you are coming back! After October last year with the heater problem and the engine revs issue it's not put you off! Boating is a magical experience interspersed with the occasional problems all of which make that experience special.

Hope you partner and kids are fine.


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Hi again Kugababe

Just had a look at the boat on the website. She is similar to the boat you had out last year and looking at her will probably handle the same. I hope the heater works !


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Hi James!

Yay we are coming back to the beautiful Broads because we all loved the area ! We went over to Ferry Marina a few weeks ago to have a look at 3 of their boats. Our original choice was the Platinum Emblem after seeing it online, but in the flesh it felt very cramped, we chose the Golden Emblem because it felt very spacious and open even tho at 35ft long it is the same size as the Platinum - but felt much bigger. I had told 'Linda' at Ferry about our problems last year and she assured me that we won't be cold on the Golden as their heaters are very effective - we shall see.... Also if we were to have any 'issues' whilst we are out on any of their boats, then we just have to call them and things will be sorted - again we shall see.....

We hope that we have made a good choice of boat & boatyard this year. Either way, we are really looking forward to cruising around the Broads over Easter - and we shall be doing lots of waving too !!!

Thank you for your good wishes, Hub & Son are both good !!! (Our niece won't be coming with us this trip...)

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