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The annual de-clutter and spring clean, what do you find?


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Well with the sun shining at last, and the service booked for 10th April, today we decided to unlock the doors and open her up from the long winters sleep, and start finishing the clearout which was done fairly hasty last autumn, mainly due to foul weather, and us both having bad colds at the time :naughty:

Over the season, and sometimes due to the habitual visits to 'pound shops' with the grandchildren in tow, we tend to accumulate all sorts of junk, from toys and writing sets, to that 'must have gadget' thats still in its packet and has never been used for the two seasons its remained in the cupboard! Then there is the 'just in case' things, kids 'drynites' first aid kits x2, tool kits, spare fan heaters, spare kettle, one of those hang up solar showers (won at a show) and a mountain of pillows and cushions, which for us tend to fill several of the 'Bag for life' type of supermarket bags, and theres still more left with several trips needed before all nooks and crannies are emptied of the stuff! :lol:

Now, anyone that knows me will also know im a bit of a foodie when it comes to feeding family and friends, and theres always someting on the go, so no surprises then that i have just turfed out two dustbin bags full of unused catering disposables, several packs of various sizes of foil trays, mostly curtesy of Lathams, a full complement of baking tins, and enough large serving spoons to equip a pub carvery, a full set of catering pans, and no less than three large BBqs which were left over in there from doing a local family fund raiser late last season :dance

Most of the stuff has survived the winter ok, no signs of the effects of damp or mildew, the fridge was washed out with Milton before being put to bed, and the door propped ajar with an unopened pack of kitchen rolls. The only casualty of the winter, which with hindsight is entirely my own fault. is a pair of rather expensive Memory foam pillows, these obviously dont like the cold, and have become rather solid and have lost their 'spring' so they are destined as puppy bed fodder for our daughters 12mth old golden labrador Charlie, whos still going through the 'chewing up' stage, and regularly requires new bedding!

Hopefully sometime next week we will rig up and try out all the onboard systems, try out the dozen or so internal light bulbs for any duds, and make a list of any faults found for the service guys. Yesterday we took delivery of a new cut to order high density foam seat pad from Easyfoam.com, brilliant service, and they arrived within 24hrs of the order being placed, and they fit perfectly. So it just remains now for me to make the loose covers for them all, the new pad is to replace the infill pieces which were rather shallow and uncomfortable when the dinette was made up into a double, and the extra covers are a washable solution to sticky fingers and drinks spillages when we take the grandchildren with us.

The sort out and spring clean will continue on now as and when time and weather will allow, the lockers and cupboards will be wiped out, windows cleaned, and the outside washed down with 'Fenwicks' using the GRP wash stuff first, then finishing off with a rinse in 'bobby dazzler' protector, which makes removing the bird poo, fly swatts, and black rubber marks much easier as the season progresses, and we would rather be out enjoying ourselves than dealing with the chores of removing the muck when it stubornly grimed in! :naughty:

So what is everyone else doing in preparation for the years season ahead? :dance:Stinky:party2:

Julz :wave

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There are seasons :shocked

Indeed Perry, and they are all boating seasons, but not apparently caravaning seasons. :naughty:

SAt on a nice cosy kingfisher right now and there's nothing "not waned on vayage" to be seen, mind you all my tools and diagnostic kit are cluttering up a motor sailer at the moment. :)

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Well we are fully 'winterised' and could indeed continue to be out and about throughout the winter months, but much prefare to head off onboard a really big ship to warmer and far distant lands complete with the luxury of having everything provided food, drink, and entertainment wise! :dance

One of the reasons we bought a touring caravan over a river cruiser is that we can visit a lot more ports around the uk both saltside, riverside and canals, where we either hire dayboats or hop onboard a salty bottom as we regularly do with our friends crabbing boat out of Bridlington harbour. Then its over to Conwy, and their new marina where a family member keeps his ship, and again we get to put to sea for a few hours weather permitting, sometimes venturing out and around the isle of Anglesey, whilst we still spend a few weeks per year down in Norfolk, and some time afloat in broadland, usually with a block booking for a day boat, and all this without any need to have to do all the maintainance jobs of being a boat owner! :naughty:

There are some lovely waterside sites, especially around the canal system, and we spend many happy hours watching the 'Locking' activities, Warwickshire being a favourite area, although last season we travelled up to see the engineering wonders of the boat lift just outside Northwich in Cheshire, and on our 'to do' list are the Falkirk ring, and a Sailing from Liverpool to Manchester via the ship canal, onboard one of the fine old steamers :dance

So this gives us the benefit of being able to follow our 'boaty' intrests, the chance to look around various maritime museums, which is something of a hobby for Bill in his studies of shipbuilding and the history of famous ships and captains in history, with the freedom of being able to visit many areas, using the comforts of our own accomodation, which would be imposible by just owning a rivercruiser alone :)

Julz :wave

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Im planning where I can hide extra shoes, clothes etc........Gav groans every time he sees me carrying bags aboard-so I figure keep extra on board, no need to fetch it all!! :naughty::naughty:

Oh-bicycle clips.........lots of uses for those! :lol::lol:

You sure you're not in cahoots with my better half Annie? We've got boatloads of her bits and bobs and she's constantly adding to it :wave

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