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Additional electric points

quo vadis

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The broads I think could do with a lot more electricty points with modern boats having more and more electric gadgets, and particually those who like to cruise in winter and need to leave heating on all night. I know personally I can get by on 50-60p per night which I think is very reasonable.

Now how to fund them, surely it would not be that difficult to fit in the electronics a device that notes the time when the card is inserted, bearing in mind all broads authority moorings are 24 hours, and exactly 24 hours later reset the point to zero, hey presto with a lot of people they would gain all the left over credit to help pay for the posts. This would also put a stop to those who cruise the broads going from mooring to mooring using the accrued "free Credit",

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To get the post to reset to zero, the post would have to read each card, and then only zeroo that one as, someone else who plugs in after you ,and puts his card in to top up is not going to be best pleased if he get,s zero,ed, you would have to modify all the existing posts this may be too costly ,or a too longer payback time to be viable? good idea though :wave

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What is annoying is how much the BA electricity has gone up. used to get a whole night with just one card, occasionally one and a bit - last time at Reedham £4, and it still went out ! Thought it was me, but then went to WRC and used 83p all night!

Secondly, and more annoyingly, how many times have you gone up to a post and seen it -23 or 24p - card goes in and you get something like 76 or 77p of electricity!!!

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As you say correctly, the posts were originally put in to charge electric boats. Over a period of time given the fact that electric boats a) were conspicuous by their absence and B) could never get near them,the posts have encouraged people to use them for "living" a more comfortable life.

Why should there be more points? The existing are adequate as most people do not need them - its a chicken and egg situation.

However a lot of BA moorings are in remote spots, by electricity standards, and the cost of getting electricity to them, disproportionate to the added value.

Cannot comment on the cost as I never use them but perhaps the posts should be self funding - new ones only funded by an excess in the "electricity" piggy bank?

Must admit I don't really mind either way but should the BA, facing the kind of restraint that it does, fund the trend developing to encourage the spread of, particularly hire boats, to "need" to be attached?

No doubt this thread will now develop into a "for" and "anti " discussion!!!!!! :)

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