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Dirty Water Pumps

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I've had two or three pressure washers over the years, and each one was able to lift the water on it's own via the pickup hose, (as was also indicated in the instructions).

Being moored in fresh water (Horning), I always use river water when power washing anyway, rather than run the meter up.

I made up a special short intake hosepipe with the hozelock fitting one end, and a garden pond large pump strainer on the other....

edit - just found this in the Karcher spares section:

http://www.karchercenteraquaspray.co.uk ... 40238.html

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I thought using river water helped the green stuff grow... I may be wrong

The "green stuff" grows on any surface that remains damp and is exposed to light, whether it started off as rain, river, or mains water.

( My conservatory is over half a mile away from the river, and it gets covered in it over the Winter... :naughty: )

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Thanks, David... the one I have in mind accepts debris up to 30mm.

BTW, what on earth will all you Salties do? :cry:cry:cry

I shall just carry on as normal John :naughty: BTW by "big" bits I mean anything you can see that isn't really soft so any decent water filter in the ine will do it, if you mean using the pressure from a water pump to supply your pressure washer as I assume you do, position the pick up a bit below any surface debis and well off the bottom and you shouldn't pick much up anyway, I have been considering fitting a proper deckwash for some time, mostly to get rid of the mud on hauling the annchor, this may be the push I need. As for your normal tank then it is potable water for hygeine and drinking, although I prefer to have bottled for that so not an issue. We always use our own hose for filling anyway as I don't trust marina ones not to have been misused so even if there are none I never have a problem, so long as there is a tap.

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