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Watto and Spooky


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Hi all

I have been doing a few jobs this weekend and needed to remove a panel that looked as if it had not been off since the boat was built. On the underside in chalk was a (hopefully tongue in cheek) message obviously by one of the workers - it read "P*ss off Watto - love Spooky XXX"

I wonder who Watto and Spooky are ?

But what a great find - we were most amused.



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Everytime I rebuild/refurbish one of my boats, I leave the name Mowjo, date and year, plus weird thing I do that I don't know where it came from, I take a coin of that year drill a hole in it and fix it alongside my name and date, I'm sure I read something about leaving a coin years ago but I can't remember if it was for boats or buildings,,

Regards Frank,,,,

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A lot of Joiners do a similar thing on their woodcraft pieces Frank, before my husband retired, he used to sign his name in pencil and date all the tops of any doors he used to hang on sites, and lightly pencil his initials on things like skirting boards and architives, and even UPVC Windows got the same treatment along their top opening lights.

The reason for this was, that when the site quality inspectors came around to pass a joinery job as finished, before it was handed over to the decorators to do their job, and finally the owners, if any problems had occured, he could identify his work against any done by agency staff, and if heads were to ever roll due to expensive mistakes and shoddy workmanship, (some buildings could have 100+ doors and several miles of skirting boards) then he could easily identify if his work was to ever to blame, which im pleased to say was very rare.

Likewise I had an old friend who's served his apprenticeship down in the Cardiff docklands doing boat repairs, and he always did a similar thing, taking it to a point that he would make his idenification mark on any parts to be changed on his car service, so he could instantly recongnise if he had been fobbed off for work charged for but not done.

Julz :wave

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