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What sort of paint would i need?

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Hi everyone

I'm looking to buy this boat but it needs "a new coat of anti fouling paint" It's currently only been used freshwater but if i get it I'll also be using in salt water, so what would the best paint be to get. I've never dealt with anti foul paint so I'm not 100% sure where to buy or what brand, so any advice would be greatly appreciated :pirate


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Just get some in a sale

Bl**dy good advice there, as you'll find when you see the price of the stuff in a Chandlers !

Although you won't need much with that size of hull, The "brands" are unbelievably expensive, compared with other paints, even Marine.

My last 5 litre tin of Trilux33 was over a £100.

You need to decide whether it's going to spend long in the water compared with being on a trailer. If the periods of immersion are just a few days or weeks at a time, then it's actually better to not use antifouling at all, just jet wash the hull each time it comes out. Many trailer-sailors do it that way.

Unless it's going to be sitting in the water all of the time, don't use an "eroding" antifouling, but use the "hard" teflon type instead.

The other source of cheaper antifoul is a mail order site, like Compass24.

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Totally aggree that the branded stuff like international and blakes etc is overpriced. You can pick up a suitable antifoul paint for a quarter of the cost of International, that will do the job just as well, and sometimes even better. I read some years ago in PBO the results of various tests of a VERY wide range of antifouling paints from the very cheapest to the most expensive, and the surprise was that the very cheapest sometimes gave the best results, but in certain conditions, and not all.

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