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Ipad 3


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i got an ipad2 wifi as the ipad3 wifi was not in stock even though on there website in a particular store so was very disappointed ... have found it rather good but some of the stupid things you need apps for is really winding me up... like to be able to transfer pic from ipad to imac to mobile via bluetooth should be simple free as its built into all things but no apple have to charge to this same with flash browsers

so for me there are good point but also really stupid bad point which really dont need to have been


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I can't afford one so couldn't possibly comment!

I have a non-curable weakness for electronic and computer "toys" (so she says).

Nonetheless, beautiful though Apple kit always is, my limited disposable income has always pushed me to the much cheaper alternatives.

I find the general principle of tablets very useful indeed, and my (now) cheapo 7" Viewpad gives me very portable and convenient PC style access at an affordable cost. It has mobile phone, wifi and gps built in, and cameras front and rear. Being an Android device, 99% of the apps are completely free. It runs a memory map compatible reader that can read all of my digital ordnance survey maps, same for charts, and plays most video formats from the 32gb micro-sd card.

To top it off it runs a very good e-reader app, which I have loaded with about 500 books.

I bought it for £149 as a Maplin "refurbished" about a year ago, but they're now available for much less.

The only slight downside is that it can't display flash files, so Iplayer type online files are not viewable.

It's a great relief to those endless waiting periods in hospital and doctor's waiting rooms, which now only seem to contain NHS magazines and health insurance propaganda !


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