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Another one from me

Guest Jonny

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I know you are excellent with recognising places on the Broads but the pic you've posted is definitely the Holt mate.

If not, then I'm a monkeys uncle!! :lol:

I have passed that place literally Hundreds of times, not just once or twice!

The shot is only a hundred yards from the entance to Duck Broad on the RH side the South Western Holes are slightly closer and on the left.

Kind regards


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Jonny mate - you need to admit defeat. It is exactly where they have said - trust me, I know that bend like the back of my hand!Aren't you talking about basically the same place under different names? Just past the eel sets as you round the bend towards the Sound, Duck Broad, Barbers Hole etc. Not as far up as Deep Go...

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Sorry its like Severn years since Ive been up there my uncle ken who lives in potter sent me that with pics from Richardson's the other days so i thought why not have a go and posts it in guess where i don't know some of these little names you refer to some places.

don't think i got away with it neither :(

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When I said I've been past that place hundreds of times it's fairly possible it's over a thousand times, so I know that area reasonably well.

I told you I'm a monkeys uncle...dead right, I AM!!

That particular picture cannot lie, look very closely at the bank side and you'll see the damage that's occurred from anglers trying to catch those elusive pike.

For your penance, a quick question for you Jonny, marks out of ten...NO-Conferring!!!

Where is Hancock's Cut and what was it's purpose????? :roll:

Oh, and why is the stretch of water in your picture called, Candle Dyke?



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Q1) well why i think they called it candle dyke)

cause they either lit it up at night to show the way or they made candles down that way.

Q2) Where is Hancock's Cut and what was it's purpose?????

I have no idea Clive it could be right next to that hut and used for keeping the eels.?

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Ok Jonny,

Good try anyway on the Candle Dyke answer...very close, so I'll say you win!!

Apparently....and this is from the old Broads mens tales..Candle Dyke used to be the only dyke that had real Bulrushes...the ones with the brown felt sort of covering. When they stripped off the outer layers they resembled Candles...No, not 4Candles as in Ronnie Barkers' sketch, so you were very close.

Very few people would know the answer to this one

Hancock's cut was only known to very few of us that used the Thurne headwaters.

It was dug out to moor his boat, midway between Martham Ferry and Dungeon Corner on the south bank.... just enough to keep him out of the firing line of those holiday Cruisers whilst he fished.

Peter Hancock was a very notable angler in these parts and highly regarded as he held the British Pike record for a fish he caught on Horsey Mere in the late '60s.

It would be very difficult to make out now as it has mostly overgrown.

A little bit more useless information for your database.

Best Regards


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Wow, that was an interesting thread. First a fight nearly breaks out, and then we're treated to some really interesting and arcane knowledge about the Broads. Thanks guys. :wave


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