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Need a new house to rent


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I've just got rather a large problem. :(

Our landlords have decided to give us notice, so we've got to be out of our current house in Ludham by the 30th of June.

If anyone knows of a three or four bedroom house with a garage or workshop for rent in the Ludham/Catfield/Potter/Horning area, with a landlord who'd like some tenants who want to stay in the same place for several years (as this happened to us last summer as well, and we're getting rather fed up of it), then I'd be very interested to hear about it. We might consider somewhere a little further afield, but my son is in Ludham primary school and I really, really don't want to move him as he's well settled and they've done a great job of dealing with his (mild) special needs.

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Im sorry to hear you have been given notice, I have a rental but have just taken new tenants, my house would not have suited all your needs anyway, but i wish you luck in your search. from my experiance there is alot of people looking to rent at to moment, I had three interested parties in my place within 4 hours of my tenant giving their notice and the first to view 2 days later took it!.

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Have you tried looking on the Rightmove website? :)

Try going onto the Rental section, put the search area to Ludham, enter a radius of 5miles, leave the rentals price section blank, and the bedrooms to 3 to 4, then you will find quite a few choices will pop up, with the most expensive ones first.

Theres never any promises given as to how long you will be able to rent a property for, other than whats first stipulated in the tenants agreement,normally for 6months or a year, but it can work both ways in the landlords and tennants favour, it allows landlords to regain their property quickly if they either need it as accomodation for a family member, or the tenent is not abiding by the rules regards payment and upkeep of the property. It also allows people to hand a property back and walk away should their circumstances change, without the penalty of having to loose the remainder of the rent should they have agreed to a long term rental period other than the minimum six months.

I agree it can be a real pain in the backside having to leave if you have found somewhere that you would like to call your 'forever' home, but from past experiances when we dabbled in the Landlord game, more people handed back their house after 6months, than applied to stay on for a second contract, with reasons given such as relationship breakdowns and sometimes because they themselves had become first time buyers, but more often than not it was because of financial reasons, and they were moving back to live with parents and relatives.

Good luck anyway, and im sorry im not local, otherwise I might have been able to help you further, we still have a few friends and relatives who let out properties up here in sunny Derbyshire! :lol:

Julz :wave

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Believe me, I know the trials and tribulations of being a landlord, as we've still got a house in South Shields that we haven't been able to sell (it's been on the market since Oct 2008 and had precisely 1 viewing, which didn't result in an offer). We don't seem to have had much luck with tenants - one managed to get out of leaving a deposit thanks to South Tyneside Council (long story) and left owing about a grand in back rent and damage, the latest one left so much stuff (including furniture) that after the local charity shop had had their pick it still cost us around £300 to get the place empty and clean enough to have a chance of renting it out again.

Rightmove is great, and makes looking for property a lot easier than it used to be, but equally there's a lot of stuff that never gets on there, and I figure it's worth asking around to see what turns up.

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