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Perry, what a truly fantastic thread. As much as I like the Broads, and yes they are totally two different places, this thread in the States is certainly an eye opener. I could say to the BA, this is how it's done, but then, it wouldn't be the Broads anymore, with it's own charm gone forever. Anyway Perry, I loved every picture etc, really lovely.


Baz cheersbar

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Thanks guys.

No its not the Broads and its not the East Coast both have their charms but I thought it might be of interest.

It is truly a boating paradise and despite our really poor weather here I don't feel too bad for having had a great 8 days or so in the warm weather (mind you I have had enough of the rain now though!)

We had such a great time we are going back next year with the intention of getting further south and exploring some of the areas we did not have the time to get to.

We picked our time when the weather was perfect another 6 weeks or so and the start of the Hurricane Season starts and this year Debby (started as a Hurricane but was downgraded to a Tropical Storm) made quite a mess.

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I also have only just caught up on this. Fascinating. I want to go!!

Where are you intending to visit next year and how did you plan and/or where did you find the information to plan?

Thanks for sharing.

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Jupes wrote

Where are you intending to visit next year and how did you plan and/or where did you find the information to plan?

Hi Jupes,

Intending to not have such a leisurely hop south but have a long day on the first day to get from Sarasota down to Cabbage Key then Sanibel area possibly Naples/Marco Island. I would love to get down to the Keys but at over 300 miles it is a bit too much for the week we have. We will then head back up to Charlotte Harbour where the cruising area is idyllic with many small islands.

For planning I know the area reasonably well but visited West Marine on a previous non boat based trip for a Florida Cruising guide and charts.

This sort of thing http://www.amazon.com/Doziers-Waterway- ... _pe_s_cp_4

If you can ever go - do it!

The whole area is absolutely geared for boating.

If you go on the Inter Coastal at any point and come to a bridge Marine traffic has priority; it will be open by the time you arrive, after Reedham & Somerleyton it is very refreshing :grin:

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Sounds fantastic and needs to be on the bucket list as we haven't visited the west coast yet.

I wondered if you were thinking of the keys but 300m is a little far...... Naples, etc should be good though :grin:

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