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A week up north

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We have just spent a week up the northern rivers, the trip started at olaves last Saturday, first day was spent preparing the boat and waiting for low water at Yarmouth....had a visit from one of maffets boats


we then set off down the lower Waveny bright weather and were soon at Goodchilds,


Then it was onto braydon water




The rest of the trip across went without incident and we got through Yarmouth with loads of clearance to spare, but a very strong tide!!

more later.The picture will go big if you click them

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As i said we on our boat had an incident free trip over Braydon, but the boat with us Quo vadis, was playing safely on Braydon and was coming behind the boat in the last picture, at about 39 knots!(that,s why i couln,t get a photo off) and slammed over the wash, this displaced a load of crap in the bottom of his fuel tank, this blocked the filter on one engine ,and made his trip through Yarmouth a bit slow(no power steering and a wide gap between the drives makes it handle like a duck!!).All though this could have gone horribly wrong it does strengthen the argument about been able to test your engine,s on Braydon.

Any way we were pulling 1400 revs ,going through the Yatch station ,giving us a speed of 3.4 miles an hour, across Braydon this was giving us 9 miles an hour,so you can see the strength of the current,our boat doesn,t like going against the tide and was squoting a lot!!,

through yarmouth then and up the Bure.......


We took our time up here waiting for the broken Que Vadis! but evently reached our first overnight stop...The Ferry Inn Stokesby, where we had 2 new filters flown in ,by ford ka from our boatyard, and picked up passengers.

Our first night was spent in the pub and what can i say the food was outstanding ,i had Sea Bass yummie!

From the picture you can see the wind had got up a tad and it was clouding over.....more to follow

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The Ferry Inn Stokesby.

Sunday morning came all too quickly! and the weather was rubbish, wet ukk so no photo,s , we spent the morning with the Pantyliners skirts up, and eventually fixed the blocked fuel system , we also used the pub to wait for the bridge on the way back ,the weather good sooo........


We found the mooring pleasant and a good shop just yards from the quay, food very good in the pub


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Ok so we got the quo going so decided to push on to Potter Heigham, the weather was quite breezy and wet , but all in good spirits,first point of interest Acle bridge plenty of room under this one, then steady cruising past upton dyke ,upton mill, then approaching Thurne mouth, we saw our first Yachts, well a lot really....it,s only Thurne Mouth open regatta, and the 30footers were in full race mode ,as the wind was across the river there was no need for the yachts to tac so we kept going and just kept our coarse with only minor adjustments needed with the yachts coming towards us,no problem.The race field then turned and caught us up!! no speed gun,s hear.!! actually got some erm friendly waves!.

Quick turn right and we are on the Thurne with the very familiar mills at Thurne dyke(no photo,s now but some later).

Our intention was to moor at Potter overnight to stock up on provisions and dine on the boats with fish and chips, we got moored up just!!,hire boats everywhare and going every which way but no problems we got moored on the last mooring before the bridge,we thought it was ok ....then quo got asked to move..by the guys in the pilots hut thingy,which he did ,this meant one boat on each bank..still the kids had fun running from one to the other over the bridge he then let 8 yachts morr there!!.A quick look round Latham,s and stock up then chilling out on the boats ,weather still persisting it down ,time for tea and a walk over to the chip shop, then back to the boat for the feast......well they were terrible (and i can devoir most things!!) so a lot of duck food!!.We drowned our sorrows a few swifty drinks,then off to the pub .....it,s not the best place and was empty but made the most of it(too wet to walk up the lane to the next one)then it was back to quo,s boat for further drinks and cheese and dips, rockforth , stillton , taramosalata dip ect ect,and loads of wine!!.

On the whole Potter has been struck off our places to go, even Latham,s was full of tac and not much foodstuffs chippy horrible and pub less than average.

End of day 2 :wave

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Day 3.

We woke up and formed a plan, we decided to cruise down to Salhouse broad and spend the night there ,have a barby if the weather allowed, and have my famous prawns for starters,we filled up the boats with water and slipped our moorings, so it,s a nice steady cruise down the Thurne ,and were soon at the mouth and turn onto the m25(sorry the river bure) it does seem very busy after the Southern rivers!! ,a nice steady cruise to st bennents shrouded in scaffolding ,i never realized that the original entrance was built into the brick windpump!!. On we go to Horning the river very busy, down to one engine in/out of gear in place, further on we turn into Salhouse broard and great there,s space so we moor the the boats up and pay for the nights stay.

We then all pile on the leg and chew and head off to Wroxham risky as wev,e already paid....but Roys is calling we need prawns, beer ,more cheese ,and wine!!, a steady cruise to Wroxham broad where loads of sailing going on, there,s also a very keen ba ranger there with a speed gun at 4mph limit that,s one engine again!!, on to Wroxham and it,s heaving,there,s seemingly no mooring left, we circled, we saw a 30 ft gap infront of the cafe ,so reversed into stern on and bob and geoff took a rope ashore,there was a little confusion as dispite a nice big notice saying side on only,two out of the three of us were stern on mooring and one side on.... :oops::oops: a very public mess !!!.

mooring done the cafe owner was paid for the mooring for an hour.So of we go into Wroxham to roys....hang on there,s Norfolk marine can,t go there with a load of shopping ,so that,s the first stop,had a good look around and came out with a nice new 1/2 yard red duster.Roys next to get supplies then it,s back to the boat,span the boat out of the mooring boat 27.8 ft mooring 30ft, and it,s back to Salhouse Broad to chill out, we cooked the prawns and dipped crusty bread in the white wine garlic and watercress cream sause...personal heaven!! a "pontoon party" followed ,it was raining on and off so cooked the sausages on the boat, a great place to moor and a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

next Ranworth...with pictures


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Day 4.

If everyone,s sitting comfortably....i will begin.

We awoke at Salhouse to sunshine! and after everybody had recovered from the feasting the night before , we came to the conclusion that our power hungry boats batteries needed a bit of a boost,so we set the next nights stop at Ranworth...a very popular mooring so off we go,pleasant cruise through Horning and down the river,all the time the wind was rising as the mixture of sun and cloud warmed the air.This was to be very significant in the event which follows....we turned right into Ranworth dam, already there was a few boats about,i think there was a nother forum meet there this holiday, down the dam we go and onto the broad, the wind kept dying and coming back in gusts....strong gusts :naughty:we reached the moorings and there was a gap right on the front big enough for our two boats, only trouble is there,s a dayboat moored straight in the middle of it, i hang about holding off with cruisers and dayboats circling like vultures!!,quo radio,s and says he,ll go in and move the dayboat, so with a bit of leaning on a hire cruiser he gets in.. moves the dayboat over with jef,only trouble is qou vadis won,t sit straight as thewinds really playing games.He managed to get her straight by keeping on engine in reverse which held her to the quay, he then called me in...gulp!! i managed to get pretty close and handed a rope to jef standing on qou, but then it all went horribly wrong!! in shoert we ended up litrally impaled on quo vadis...my fault i am afraid not enough power and the wind just took over!!! officer!!....

Mooring drama over we got the boats plugged into the electric post and inserted the cards...great imersion heater for the hotwater tonight!!.

we settled in and decided that we must have a delivered chinky so that,s the meal ordered.

the kids decided they wanted to go the boat tour of the nature reserve ....but couldn,t go on there own so quo was sort of frog marched into it :naughty:

the following image must be viewed with caution!!


my fingers ache so more about day 4 in part 2 pictures ect


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