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Well Done Albeburgh RNLI

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From the Aldeburgh RNLI site:

Some Stunning images :o

Well done guys - makes you happy to pop some money in the tin :clap

No.6 Date 8/06/12 Launch time 10.50. Winds Force 10.

Description: Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station launched the RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat ‘Freddie Cooper’ in severe weather conditions, to a report of a drifting yacht, having struck the Aldeburgh Ridge.

The RNLI ALB ‘Freddie Cooper’ was launch at 10.50, in severe weather conditions, to assist a 13 meter Dutch yacht, with 4 people on board, which had lost its rudder. The yacht had struck the Aldeburgh Ridge and sustained significant damage to the rudder. On arrival at scene, the lifeboat passed a tow rope to the casualty. This snapped twice as the yacht was so unstable without its rudder. The RAF Rescue Helicopter, from Wattisham, had also been tasked to the rescue and was requested by the RNLI ALB Coxswain to assist in getting a casualty drogue onto the yacht. The helicopter winch man was lowered onto the yacht to deliver a casualty drogue, in order to help stabilise the casualty. They then landed near Orford Lighthouse in case they were needed to take the crew off the yacht, if the situation deteriorated. The weather conditions were making the rescue extremely difficult, with winds reaching force 10. Once in tow, it became apparent that the yacht was low in the water. On questioning the yachts’ crew, it was confirmed that the yacht was taking on water through the hatches and required a salvage pump. Harwich Lifeboat assisted in transferring a salvage pump across to the casualty. Due to the slow progress of the tow, it was decided to take the casualty to Levington Marina, with both the Aldeburgh and Harwich Lifeboats involved.

Steve Saint, Aldeburgh Lifeboat Coxswain, said “ The conditions were not favourable and the worst I’ve been in for some time, they were lucky to have got back safely.â€

RNLI Aldeburgh Lifeboat, as it is launched and recovered from the beach, was unable to return to Aldeburgh as it was considered unsafe. It is anticipated that the ‘Freddie Cooper’ will return tomorrow, dependent on the weather.





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They were Dutch Rod :?

Yep I have an annual Offshore Membership but look to put any loose change from a round in The Shipwreck in the 'tin'.

Not that lately there seems much change from folding :cry:

Indeed Perry, it does sometimes seem we spend more in there than on the mooring fees, they must do something about the prices. :naughty:

When I see stuff like that I don't begrudge our Offshore subscription one bit.

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Total respect, and support, for the RNLI.

Popped in the Sheringham shop last week and picked up a few bits and pieces - far better priced than the tourist shops! - lovely tin and a pack of shortbread biscuits all for £2! ( the girls in our office were happy with those as gifts and seemed to think I had spent a bob or two ;) Result!)


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