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A lovely start to the season.

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Hello everyone

Me and Aydan set out in a very packed inflatable boat yesterday at thorpe green ready for a night of fishing. We rowed down to our secret spot set up the lines and camping gear and within seconds he was in with a lovely 7lb bream. Throughout the night i was constantly on my feet reeling in small fish after small fish (16 to be precise) whereas aydan didn't catch another fish the whole night :dance . There was a good hour without any bites when we saw a fairly nice looking pike skulking the area. A smart man knows when to quit, so out came the bacon rolls, a few beers then off to sleep :yawn:

Come morning we were back on the rods after a good 4 hours kip. This time we were both reeling in small fish after small fish. That was until once again the pike returned. Aydan jokingly put a pike hook on his line, not expecting to catch the sneaky bugger (no wire tracer or anything). Sure enough though, the second the line hit the water the pike was hooked :pirate Unfortunately for Aydan, I'm not the type of person who fancies putting my hands anywhere near a pike so we had to try and land it using the poundland net :? As im sure you can guess i couldn't get it in the net. Eventually after trying and trying the pike broke free of the line (jumping out of the water and scaring the living stuff outta me as it shot towards my face). He swam off ready to be caught another day. Needless to say Aydan was fairly p***ed off with me for "losing" his fish, so after catching a few more littluns we decided to head home.

Overall a good start to the season, and many more to come :party2:

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Sounds like you had a good night

I often see lots of rubbish & burnt wood left over from people camping out .. Hope you took your camera with you :grin:


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It's like most secret spots, if you know its location, you'll recognise it from the photo. If you don't recognise it from the photo you wont know its location.

I must add that if you do recognise it please don't post its location :lol:

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