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Waeco Rectifiers

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Tecky question for the electricians out there.

We have a Waeco CR65 which I fitted earlier this year and

now wish to fit a 230v rectifier for shorepower.

The question is, there are 2 available, a MPS35 and an EPS100

which appear, upon reading the spec sheets for each, will do

the job.

Waeco recommend the MPS35 which costs around £63 on Ebay.

But also the spec sheet for the EPS100 also says it's suitable for

the same job but only costs around £40 on Ebay.

On our last boat, we had a Waeco CR110 which had the EPS100

fitted and seemed to work ok but again the spec sheet says fit the MPS35!

Both use the same Danfoss compressor.

So, can anyone enlighten me to the difference and which to fit please.

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Dear oh dear! You all want the easy life don't you! ;)

Ok, the reason for the rectifier. I want to be able to switch off all the

batteries as per normal, which leaves the bilge pump on, and be able

to leave the fridge on so we can leave stuff in it for a week or two

without having the charger running.

As there is always the risk of the charger boiling batteries when something

goes wrong, it could be a very expensive way to go, and not unheard of,

and £40/£70 seems a much cheaper way to go in that light.

The charger is a Pro Mariner EX 25 by-the-way and only charges the leisure

batteries, the Victron charges the Inverter and engine batteries and is on

as soon as the shorepower is plugged in.

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A charger that sences the batteries and keeps them in a float status will not boil the batteries and is fine to be left on. safer that way than a burst pipe on the engine intake that you forgot to close followed by the flattened battery from the bilge pump.

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Hi Bill (again) nice to see you today and SWMBO is well chuffed with the new digi antenna.

Seems quite a few of us have Waeco fridge units and I'm certain they all auto sense whether the supply is 12vDC of 240 volt AC. I'd run it on shore power when away from the boat but if you do want a 240/12volt power converter, Maplin supply a fan cooled version for not too many pennies and because the Waeco units draw very low current, you would be well inside the tolerances of the Maplin converter.

We have one on board if you want to try it out as I doubt whether we will be using it much in the future (we had one of those old coolboxes that was useless and drew 5 amps) :naughty:

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Hi Bill,

I can't find it on the Maplin site but that doesn't mean they have dropped it and more likely their search facility cna't locate it. I'll see if I can find the receipt for the one we bought in 2009.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Perry,

All o.k. here thanks.

Boat o.k. too ....now!

Best part of a year out of water resulted in dried out original (very old) wooden keel and leaking keel bolts, so we were slowly sinking when lowered back in.

Superb help from St. Olaves Marina with multiple lifts at awkward times (while I fixed the keel problem) and engineering help from Chris (one of the marina owners) supplying and replacing a faulty seacock at little notice, and then bending double in the engine compartment to fit it.

Even Rona from the office offered to lay under the boat with an adjustable spanner. I couldn't let her do that but I am hugely impressed with the enthusiastic and selfless service that I received from all at St. Olaves.

Regards to all the Shotley crew,


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