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New member here, joining to hopefully get some help for an upcoming newspaper review.

This August myself and my family (11, 12 & 14) are picking up a boat in Hickling and Stalham and over 7 days will be taking the route through Gt Yarmouth, Burgh Castle and on to Lowestoft (Oulton Broad?)

We will be taking the trip as part of a review of the Norfolk Broads for the Daily/Sunday Express newspapers.

Could members here please suggest a few of the best places to visit along the route and also the best places to stop over and eat that would show the broads in the best light for our readers.

Thanks very much in advance for all your help :)

(And sorry if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it, Mods)

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Hello familyOMG, Welcome, Please excuse tryping. I don't know what sort of thing you're thinking of but the Broads are steeped in culture. No doubt i will offend someone by missing something out but anyway if its culture you're after then how about stopping off first at How Hill, and check out the Nancy Oldfield Trust, Then onto St. Bennets Abbey, From there a quick diversion and pop to South Walsham Broad and take in the nature reserve, Back to the Norfolk Wherry Trust then on to Great Yarmouth. The next port of call could be the Roman Burgh Castle and so to the Abbey at St. Olaves. From there you could take in Somerleyton Hall and on to Oulton Broad! Obviously with teenagers you'd want to bypass all the hostelries that line the route. There well i'm all cultured out now anyhoo. Enjoy yourselves and someone no doubt will post all the places your young herbets would like, Swimming pools etc.etc. Oh just remembered the museum of the Broads in Stalham :dancecheers

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I would agree that the Bridge Inn is excellent and very family friendly, they have amusements and play equipment as well as a big riverside garden. The Dog Inn just up the road from Ludham Bridge is also an excellent family friendly pub which you will pass by assuming you are hiring from Stalham.

How Hill is a pretty spot to moor and Salhouse Broad has woods and grassed areas running down to the water and is a great place for kids.

Care is needed if you are thinking of mooring at Great Yarmouth although there are Broads Authority staff there who will help you. Plenty to do at Oulton Broad and again you can moor at the yacht station where the staff will assist you.


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Be sure to stop at the New Inn horning, very nice pub good food and a children's area with arcade to kelp the "younger ones" happy.

It is always a popular stop so it's worth phoning them and reserving a mooring. Gus is excellent & will be on hand to help you moor up

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7 days from Stalham to Oulton, a nice relaxed cruise..

The kids are all 8 or over so they can officially do the driving (under supervision)

whilst you relax and watch the world go by, or just keep a good lookout for potential hazards.

What you do may well be dictated to by what the kids like to do, tenagers can be difficult out of their normal environment!

If they are outdoors types then things will go better than if they are purely into computers and tv

(if they fall into the latter category then make sure you bring enough stuff to keep then busy whilst you enjoy the Broads,

and have a boat with 240V available for theire consoles, chargers etc!)

I presume that you are coming in "high season" so please remember that you may have problems

finding a mooring space in the popular spots and always have an alternate in mind.

Actually I would think that seven days is too long to take the direct route,

so you will have time to divert to look at some other parts of the area if you want to.

(But don't try to cover the entire Broads in 7 days)

As others have suggested Horning (New Inn) and Salhouse Broad (The Bell) aren't on your direct route but are well worth a look.

and if you do divert up the Bure then Ranworth (Maltsters) has the wild-life centre which is worth a visit.

A short diversion up the Thurne would let you visit Womack Staithe (kings Head at Ludham), or Thurne Dyke (The Lion)

and let you possibly do a return trip under the infamous Pottr Hiegham bridge.

Please remember though that your planned itinery wil probably be dictated by the tides

as you will need to get the timing right at Yarmouth.

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what day are you starting ?

if midweek it's more feasible to take get to oulton broad on a thursday and see the power boat racing.

My tip if it's your 1st time and going from stalham is try and get there 2pm in case the boat is ready early & head to woods/nbd yard @ potter heigham.

Plenty of spaces usually, lots of facilities and easy to practice your 1st mooring.

I did that in 2008 after not going for 20+ years.

Although followed it next day with a double mooring @ stokesby.

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Thanks for all your kind replies.

I shall have a google search of some of the establishments recommended and have a look.

Probably a stupid question but I'll ask it anyways, will it take longer than a day's boating to get from Stalham to Burgh Castle?

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There is a handy distance calculator on the Broads Authority web site here. You will see that from Stalham to Burgh Castle takes about 6.5 hours, continuous cruising, so it can be done in a day BUT you have to take into account getting through Great Yarmouth and across Breydon Water at the right state of tide, which is normally one hour after slack water. This is a) to give maximum headroom at the Yarmouth bridges and B) to take advantage of the tidal flow, which can be very strong in that area.

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Just to correct an error, Herbert Woods has no link to Norfolk

Broads Direct anymore. It has had a new owner for the last

3yrs or there-abouts.

cheers still woods to me

re stalham to burgh, it's doable but not on the way out and not somewhere for an overnight stop

your boat will normally be ready betwen 2 and 4pm

my parents would have been there 12ish , i am usually there around 3pm :)

time will then be taken up with unloading , getting equipment & trial run

with a lot of daylight you could get to stracey with it's little farm but nowhere in the evening and now has mooring fee.

would recommend pre booking pub moorings @ acle or stokesby if possible

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Dog @ ludham bridge

bridge @ Acle

Kings @ acle village

Stokesby ferry

Yarmouth recommend afternoon stop

berney arms

Ship reedham

Lord nelson reedham

other way fisherman @ burgh

bell @ st olaves?

something @ somerleyton?

Oulton broad if moor @ the wherry can get money off the carvery

lowestoft is walkable /short train journey

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Aye Carrrumba!! Lowestoft is walkable?? Only if you're 15yrs old, Ten foot long legs and and a camp bed for when you get there. The railway Stn from Oulton to lowestoft commands a packed lunch and a shooting stick, an inhaler if your the remotest bit chesty and a razor for when you're halfway there if you want to look respectable the other end. Don't forget the Commodore has its own moorings and the public ones give you access to the Lady of the Lake, Wherry, Commodore and the wine bars.

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Well me and the wife walked it last year with the dog.

Now our dog loves to walk fast and has loads of energy, but by the time we got there even she was shattered. This year we took the train. Still took ages but at least we werent tired when we got there.

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twice walked via the park and parallel with the railway line to lowestoft but both times good weather, and came back the other way via asda

commodore moorings weren't open 2011

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