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Darn South

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Hi James

Yes we are out and about for the next couple of weeks. Probably head up to Fambridge and break out the tenders, then no set plans. May go around to the Blackwater or go and explore my old stamping grounds on the north Kent coast and Medway.

It makes a change to have no set plan and go where you feel (or the weather allows)

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Had a steady tootle up to North Fambridge today. Superb weather but a reasonably stiff sea breeze. Spent the morning with assistance of David trying to find out why our Waeco fridge had conked out.

After having the fridge out testing connections and tracing back the wiring checking earths and connections /sleeving we could not find the fault except that we had current at the fridge connection but it would not allow any ampage to be drawn. Clearly some sort of fault in that system, time and tools did not allow us to run new cabling.

We do however have a fully working circuit and switch on the helm powered should we ever want to add a cockpit fridge so we able to change the power out connections on the 12v junction box from current fridge circuit and connect what was the cockpit and bingo. Before this we had removed the fridge and tested on a 12v system on Kingfisher just to make sure the fridge was ok, which thankfully it was :)

Looking to take the tenders up to Battlesbridge tomorrow and make the best of this great weather.

There is a live aboard Broads boat here ex Horning Pleasure craft I sure our hire boat experts will identify it.


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I've got to agree Ian. Hope this sunny spell will last for a good while. It was so hot in Horning on Monday it was difficult to get Topaz cleaned and polished topsides. I had to keep taking breaks to cool down.

She is now spotless and has new port and starboard nav lights :wave

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It is tough but we are doing our best to cope cheers

Took the tenders to Battlesbridge yesterday around 1.5 hours each way we had to slow to ensure the flood tide gave us enough water in the upper reaches. It was good to be out on the water and get a bit of breeze.

We are certainly hoping the weather continues, we are due some.

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Certainly did Wayne I just wish I had some inside knowledge sadly it was luck! It looks like our luck is about to run out as it is on the turn in the next few days.

We had a run up to the Roach where Rachel had organised with the boatyard at Paglesham a couple of swinging moorings. Plenty of Seals on the way round. Fortunately both wind and tide were in the same direction making picking up a buoy straight forward in the two knot flood.

We broke out the tenders to find Gary who organised the moorings and paid the princely sum of £5 each.... We gave him a couple of pints on top and in return he fetched some fresh eggs from his Chickens for us; super chap.

Jamie Oliver's parents own the Plough & Sail in Paglesham which really is the centre of the village. It was too good an opportunity to pass by. The food was excellent and the local 'Wench' ale superb.

The prospect of another pint was turned down before the tide left the tenders high and dry another 30 mins we would have been mud skippers.

Super sunset with just the sounds of the Oyster Catchers Lapwings and cows lowing. This and the trickle of water passing the hull is all that can be heard.

I can see why Maurice Griffiths waxed lyrical about some of the East Coast Swatchways. He used to find himself a quiet spot and let his yacht go aground so he could enjoy the quiet tranquility get out his typewriter and put it into words.post-79-136713935481_thumb.jpgpost-79-136713935513_thumb.jpg

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With the forecast changing its mind over the last days we decided to head back north this morning. Left Burnham at 6 am knowing we would be punching the tide but it gave the best option for the best conditions. We did have concerns given the amount of East in yesterdays breeze that there would be some residual.

Made the approx 9 mile trip out of the Crouch pilotage made more difficult by the sun in the east making buoy spotting more problematic. At the Crouch entrance our concerns were justified as we were met with certainly bigger seas and stronger winds than forecast. A beam sea all the way back to the Orwell made for a bit of an uncomfortable journey but perfectly doable but uncomfortable.

Saw forumites Mbird & Happy Jax on our way up the Orwell.

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