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Having booked my next years Broads holiday on a whim (for which, may I add, I hold this forum entirely responsible) I was perusing Richardsons website and noticed the route guides. I thought I'd take a look to see if there was anything I'd missed on my previous visits and I came across this somewhat puzzling statement -

The River Thurne

This is a tributary of the River Bure. Womack Water gives access to Ludham Bridge.

Now, perhaps, my family's worst fears have been realised and I have finally gone completely crazy , (which I am willing to admit is entirely possible) but I could have sworn that Ludham Bridge is on the Ant. Come to think of it, maybe this explains the {much complained about) behaviour of some hirers. Having spent hours on Womack water looking for Ludham Bridge, they've been either driven mad or turned to drink!

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Hello kadsena,

It could be a typo (Ludham Village) but hours spent on Womak Water are not wasted, one of my favorite spots on the Broads. If you can get amooring on the staite it is a short walk to the village. You can walk all the way through the village on a longer walk to Ludham Bridge.



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To 'ranworthbreeze' Womack is one of my favourite mooring places also, especially at the back of the island.

To 'C.Ricko' Clive, I've always said Richardson's customer service is second to none and I've never had cause to change that opinion. Mistakes happen, but it is the way they're dealt with that makes all the difference.

We've booked 'Major Gem 2' for 11 days next May. (It would have been for two weeks had my son not arranged his wedding for the same month. Children can be so inconsiderate :) ) To be honest, I just couldn't believe that the price quoted on the website was correct. It's a lot of boat for the money and means I can get well away from my husband when we've had our usual row about whose fault it is that a particular mooring attempt didn't go quite as planned.

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