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Motorised Valves

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Just wondering if anyone has experience of these types of valve.

I wouldn't mind fitting a couple to turn the fuel off/on and the seacock for the heads. The alternative might be to try and fit a solenoid that will operate the existing valve levers remotely to save having to lift out the cabin floor panels and engine covers each time you want to switch these two off and on.

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You know my love of “make life easy†stuff Jim, but I reckon a motorised inlet valve is not such a good idea, they are normally gate valves and those have no place in a skin fitting in my mind. Also I would be worried if it had worked or not and at least doing it manually makes you have a quick check of the skin fitting and valve every time you operate it. Perhaps if it really difficult to get at then a compromise such as a cable operator akin to a fire extinguisher might be an idea, at least you can then feel any change in the resistance of the valve operation which will help with knowing if it’s in need of a bit of TLC. :-D

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Thanks David,

I had exactly the same thoughts about being certain the seacock was really off or not plus as you say, you do get to check the skin fitting each time.

Prob on Topaz is access to the valve. It was installed just off the port side of the keel line right under the boarding in the thwartships cabin. The whole area is occupied with hot and cold tanks, water pump, through hull depth sensor and the old paddle wheel and access to there isn't easy. I did cut a smaller section of the marine ply panel away but to get your hand in there and operate the valve involves peeling back the fitted mattress which is quite a chunky affair. There just isn't any other panel you can gain access from so to be honest, the seacock is always off and flushing is done manually.

One suggestion was to get an upholsterer to either divide the mattress into three parts (it also has a bolster pillow attatched to it, or maybe find someone skilled enough to create a removable "plug" in the foam so you could pull one small section out.

I'll try and ring Adrian at Horning Marine Covers who I think re-upholstered the boat in 2003.

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