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Boarding Ladder lost/found


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I know of an old boatyard owner on the Chet who lost a boarding ladder made by his late father in last winters floods, it was washed away on a surge tide, and he couldnt find it depite extensive searches of the area, he was offering a bottle of something nice to anyone who could find it for him, he doesnt post on here, but he was once a prolific poster on another forum, although I havent seen him around on line for some time, you could try calling him on Riverine's number if hes still around there, as someone did say he hadnt been too well of late.

Julz :wave

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There is a good chance this is the ladder from Riverine due to where it was found.

I believe the owner (Bill Maxted?) is hard to get hold of and has been unwell, therefore I am going to write to the yard but if someone did spot or can contact Bill please let him know about this post.


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the yatch at beauchamp arms has lost its boarding ladder he noticed it gone 11 days ago , i should see him in a couple of weks so i'll ask him what it looked like .

has anyone found a wooden chair with arms and red draylon floating on the yare? the landlord at beauchamp arms is missing his , royston was peeved 2 weeks ago and threw it in .. lol .. :Stinky

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Well it was a shame it wasnt the one that Bill Maxted lost, as it was of great sentimental value to him.

I hope he eventually gets well again and is able to return to his yard, he was so kind to us a few years ago when the news came through that my baby grandson had died at home whist we were out on a hire boat, he offered to return the boat back to Brinkcraft from the south for us, and to take us back to the yard in his car to save time, he was also a mutual friend of a lady who my father worked for when I was a child living at Haddiscoe, and who recently sadly passed away at the ripe old age of 89yrs.

I have often wondered of late what had happened to him to stop him posting

Thanks guys for contacting Bill to ask cheers

Julz :wave

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blimmey just found this i think this ladder might belong to a customer or ours he keep his boat in wroxham its a wind boat he lost the ladder some time ago we were confinsed it had been blown orf 


the boat is varnished from top to bottom can,t miss it 


he came to us for works dun in summer and then back and forth to yard during that  time 


worth a try if still got it .......



regards ..............jon wms ltd 

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650xs   -   everytime I look at your Avatar I feel the need to get the bog brush out and give the darn thing a good clean.  I am one of these ladies who continually cleans , hence my feelings.


May be you are sending a message - everything has gone down the toilet!!!

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if any one has meet  me then they will know i,m a skistso ..........


done for a laugh ,get arise ........................


wind up ......................


serous side too ..................


not always happy or sad  a mix a life ............



its where" rasp man" and" gupter" come from to "jj"



my message is yuo can always clean it up .......



and if yer frezze a turd yuo can polish it ...............!!!!!



that exact toilet was on a boat that i wniterized ,posh boot too .................


well if any orf my little pics or info findings, comments get a repsonse then ive dun some good ....



regards ..................jon 

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