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Teak Deck Treatment

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Our new boat, has a Teak laid cockpit floor, which although in vgc, could do with a 'freshen up'.

I have been advised not to use Teak Oil, but to use a proprietry retorer/protector. The advice not to use Teak Oil seems to be very widespread on the numerous internet boat forums.

A professional boat repairer/restorer suggested using something that sounded like 'semocou' or 'smecou', but with his very strong Norfolk accent, it wasn't very clear.

I have tried 'Google' searching, with various spellings, have not been able to find anything like it.

Does anyone here, know of this treatment material, or if you have Teak decking, what do you use?

As it is semi-interior, the decking isn't exposed to the weather, so hasn't greyed, but just need sprucing up.


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Hi Dave,

Thank goodness someone has advised you not to use Teak Oil :clap

I have a fair bit of Teak on Kiki both cockpit and side decks so this is a subject close to my heart.

The best solution I have found by far is the two part stuff sold by Wessex Marine http://www.teakcleaner.co.uk/index.php

They have a couple of video's on how to use it http://www.teakcleaner.co.uk/about.php

I can assure you the results are excellent.

At the beginning of the 'season' I was all the Teak and agitate it to remove winter gunge and give it the 'Wessex' treatment. Sadly I have no before or after photo's to show you but the results are excellent.

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Thanks guys, and Jill

Sounds like a good recommendation Perry, and endorsed by David, I will certainly look at this option, and watch the video. cheersbar

Jill, that will almost certainly the stuff that the guy recommened, so I look at that one too.

I don't think I'l bother looking at anything else now, it will either be the one that Perry recommends, or the Semco.

I guess that ease of application and drying time, might decide.

Thanks again


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I can only make comment on stuff I have used Dave so know nothing about Semco but this is the UK outlet http://www.onwardtrading.com/shopsect_B ... 20Products

I have used Teak Wonder which is the product many Chandelery's stock, and was unimpressed with it. I have also used Starbrite again not a patch on the Wessex two part.

Look forward to hearing how you get on.

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We have used the Teak Wonder and the cleaner/restorer from Wessex Chemicals that is listed in the above post.

The products by Wessex we used at the start of the season in late February, the cleaner an restorer brought up our rear steps and bathing platform up a treat. Because of the bad weather during and since we have not been able to use the Teak Wonder, but one of our owners had used it previously.

So I can personally recommend the Wessex products.



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