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VERY TEMPTED............


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A very nice little boat indeed, especially as a weekender or for pootling around the upper reaches of the broads :)

The only downside for me would be the fact that its petrol driven, and therefore would need all its fuel carried on board in jerrycans or similar from the nearest petrol station, as far as im aware, there are no boatyards remaining on the broads where you can simply pull up and fill up like you can with a diesel boat, although maybe someone will prove me wrong?

If the petrol issue doesnt bother you, and it has a decent BSC, then it looks like a real little bargain of a boat :Stinky:trophy

Julz :wave

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Does look a nice little thing for a couple on the face of it with a permanent aft cabin which can be kept free for immediate use as its intended purpose, I wouldn't worry too much about it being a petrol, there are few diesel outboards anyway and they are loud and heavy really, suited to high usage commercial operations. With something like an 18hp at northern broads speeds one would need very little petrol anyway, say a couple of 25l outboard tanks (one in use, one back up) they are easily portable and fillable on the way to the boat, best done at the last filling station you pass. Petrol is available bankside but only on the southern system at Brooms and WRC from memory.

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I don't know if you've actually viewed a Weston 670 before, but they do have an unusual layout.

I hear mention on here of "aft cabin" etc., but that's not really the case with this particular boat.

Although externally it looks like a small centre cockpit boat, it is in fact all "open plan" with no bulkheads at all, so the internal space is just curtained off.

As well as that, the cockpit arrangement is a strange combination of claustraphobia and no lockable security. The (standard) roof is slatted canvas, with zipped canvas sidescreens. Couple that with the lack of internal bulkheads and there is no security for locking things away. Despite that, even when opened up, the fixed fibreglass front and rear cockpit windows make it rather like driving a tank, making fishing and such very restricted.

I guess they could be modified with a few DIY alterations to make them more secure and give more privacy inside, but they'd be difficult to "open up" any more.

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