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Holding tank gauge

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We have 2 holding tanks with Wema Gauges fitted but neither have

worked properly since we bought her.

Ours has always read "green" even when full, so last

time we were down I took off the panel behind the toilet to

see that the wiring connector had dis-connected. I also

noted that extra wires had been added to the plug

which once it was pushed back in, all the lights came on! And

we had just had it pumped out.

So if anyone has a wiring diagram for these, I would be

very grateful.

Photo shows the gauge now with all lights showing.

Incidently, I did take one sender unit out as someone said it

could be 'crudded up', which it wasn't. So despite working

it by hand (with latex gloves on!), nothing happened.

Failing a diagram, it means bringing the gauge and sender unit

home to investigate, leaving the holding tank open.. :o


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It is fairly normal for this type of setup to not work,

Brian Ward sells the bits and I am sure they would help you if you popped in, I suspect the problem is at the sender end which is why the guage was disconnected ...

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You mean you don't just peer down the hole and see how high you think the tide is. Sounds like these gauges could take some of the fun out of boating do the gauges work by measuring the smell? or have I missed the point again ?

could be deceptive Gordon,

surely like dropping a penny in a well you just time the splash :lol:

please dont start dropping money down the toilets :)

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We have got those gauges as well, they always seem to go from green to red missing out the amber. One of our owners had to sort out the sensor/float switch on one of our tanks a couple of weeks ago that was sticking.

Clive are you wanting to take all the fun out of boating, you will be asking us next not to put anything down the toilet that you have not eaten.



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:lol::lol::lol::lol: Love the replies.

Had a reply from Wema already, so at least I know how

the wiring is set up.

Thanks fella's (I think...) :bow

Matt. You are not paying me for me being a pensioner!

I worked for 50yrs without ever being out of work, had

only 3 jobs in that time and payed into the system all

that time.

Unlike some in this country, and some coming into this

country and getting everything for nothing..... :evil:

Sorry Matt! Rant over. No offence intended. :bow

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I made my own gauge, a double float switch (all plastic) from rs components, a few relays and a tri-coulour led, push the button to read and green is fine, yellow is getting close, red is crap elsewhere, can't remember the float switch part number or I'd post it, I'd probably do away with the relays now and use a picaxe or similar to drive it.

I fitted the switch inline with the rinse fitting so it always gets washed off when rinsing.

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