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Crazy Pylon proposal


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Hi all.

Taken from todays Telegraph online.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy ... roads.html

Everyone on here is aware of the consequences of such stupidity. Hopefully they are just testing the water to find public opinion. With this in mind I have started a petition to the Secretary of State

Edward Davey which I have posted on all the Broads forums. Please sign and get your friends to as well.




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Call me silly but isn't there already a trench running from lowestoft to norwich, I know it's full of water but so is the ground around there.

Reat assured the power lines will not be going underground (too expensive), but neither will they be going through the Broads. These proposals are just a consultation document and, as such, have to set out ALL possible routes.

Supposing National Grid did not do that, then what would happen? People who live in other parts of Norfolk (and Suffolk), who couldn't care less about boats or the Broads (and let's face it, even among the people who do, there are many who complain about the monotony of some parts of the system) but DO care about their own surroundings, views, house prices etc. would immediately say that the consultation process is flawed as not all alternatives have been considered. This would then lead to delays whilst further proposals were drafted which, of course, increases the uncertainty, not to mention the cost.

We have to face the fact that ever-increasing demand , coupled with the necessity to increase the amount of renewable energy produced means that many parts of rural Britain will be transformed from what we know and enjoy today. That does not mean, however, that people should get into an unjustified panic over a newspaper article.

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That was my reason for asking Mark, If all other national parks have had cables buried then even though the Broads is not officially a National park you would being a member of the family and being afforded the same status in most things would ensure any cables are buried.

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Courtesy of Mr Google

From CPRE Site

Industry guidelines already say that overhead lines and substations should not be placed in (AONBs), National Parks, heritage coasts or World Heritage Sites if possible. Yet despite these guidelines, there are already 27,000 kilometres of overhead distribution lines and 420 km of overhead transmission lines in National Parks and AONBs. We believe that the National Policy Statement on electricity transmission should avoid new high voltage power lines in AONBs, and there should be more research into effective methods of storing electricity.

http://www.cpre.org.uk/resources/energy ... wnload/842

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy ... Parks.html

Note the words 'if possible'

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