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I discovered the original name of my boat during a hull polishing session a few years back.

Seems she was first called "Beaute" and then re-named "Map of Taz". The next owner then changed the name to The Topaz which is still her current name.

I Like the "where's the bar" one and I've seen a few clever ones on the river. "Notagudiea" springs to mind as well as "Pistonbroke"

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Our boat was called Batchawana Bay then the owner wanted to change it to Aquaholic but could not get the boat safety certificate changed sso it ended up being Aquaholic of Batchawana Bay until the next BSS then we will drop the Batchawana Bay

Another name I like is NORFOLK N GUD, cracks me up

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Guest urchin

mine is called urchin when i was a kid many years ago! i was mad on a program called falcon island it was about three kids in australia who lived on an island and they had a small boat called urchin.

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Guest Tarmacsoftee

We don`t really give canoes names, but I`ve still got my Tempest saily boat that was named Jibarin-Rek by my wife because I have been known to fret a lot!


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Ours is named in memory of Tina's brother.

The little chap had learning disabilities but we did all we could to make his life as good as we could.

The highlight for him was when we arranged for him to open Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Although 40 he had the mind of someone much younger but was as with many people of his ilk was a real happy soul.

Sadly he died 2 years ago.

He could not pronounce Tina's name properly (who he idolised) but his pet name for her was Kiki which he could say.

It seemed very fitting to name our ship in his memory.

Rest in peace little man



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Our first boat was called MISS T(other half is teresa! its an omen she cried)

Our second was called TAYGENA(something to do with stars and the galaxy)bit too deep and meanningfull really.

Present boat was called Bosun 1(an ok name) but we decided to name her after our lifestyle,DO-LITTLE should have known better doing little is a rare thing when you own a boat! ;)

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Guest elisamoose

We bought a boat named Marlen and dont really know how to change it! sounds like it might be expensive to re register and re paint it so will leave it for now .I like watching the boats go past - some of them have names that make me smile , such as Lady Fishcake !!!!!!

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Hiya Elisamoose

If you phone the Broads Authority, they'll explain it all to you, and with a bit of luck, you'll find thatyour boats name is a vynil stick-on name, and can be peeled off and a new name stuck in it's place. I got my new vynil name sticker from on Ebay, price £9.99 for two names, one for each side.

Hope this helps.


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I was sent some pics by a broker mate of mine of a Donzi which was called Crystal Palace and clearly owned by a fanatic supporter.

There was nothing subtle about this boat.......huge club logos everywhere, so much so, you couldn't miss it a mile off.

Anyone seen it around lately?

As much as I still follow that footie team myself, I think I'd draw a line when it came to naming my boat atfer them.....besides, I want it to stay afloat :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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We named her Blue Belle in memory of Phil's mother who passed on three years ago. Mum's favourite place for a walk was Bearley woods where bluebells grew everywhere.

Phil and I drove down there together one day on the way to visit and picked a largeish bunch to take back, knowing how much she loved them. On arrival, with said bunch of flowers, we were told in no uncertain terms that the picking of bluebells was absolutely not allowed!

Mum always knew how much we wanted to have our own boat and we are both sad that she never had the chance to see how much pleasure we have from owning one.

Carron and Phil

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This will probably be Modded.

My first boat was bought for me by my father when I was 13 year old.It was a 12 ft sailing Dory and i used to sail in in the Dartmouth area,I named it Wet Dream.

My present boat is called Pepsi as it was christened with a bottle of cola. Les

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