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vacuum bag bilge pump?


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Hi everyone. I got some vacuum seal bags from qd yesterday. Cost me £1.80 for the large one and £1 for the small one. The large one can fit a double duvet in and after sucking the air out with a hoover it's shrunk it down a treat. My question is, could i use an electric bilge pump to suck the air out of the bags as i won't have a hoover available everytime i want to re pack the duvet.

P.s i'm amazed they work as well as they do. No more mouldy bedding (hopefully) on the boat.

Thanks in advance Brandenjg

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As Jonny said, plenty of air bed and inflatable electric pumps around, where you simply connect the hose to the inlet or outlet to suck or blow.

The run at just the right pressure and volume for maximum speed of inflation/deflation without potentially damaging high pressure.

Even good old Tesco keep them on their shelves, for a tenner and they have mains and 12v adapters included:

http://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-elect ... 0-1265.prd

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Hi, you could also try 12 volt vac also useful on the boat,we had one that could be reversed to suck We use these bags for bedding when going to the boat on when we go to our sons as we take our duvets to save them the washing ,makes them much smaller so they the fit in the boot easier :grin:

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Hi everyone

Thanks for the advice. Looks like a little hoover is the way to go. Generally i'll only buy something for the boat if it'll have at least 2 different uses so sucking the air out of the bags and sucking up dry mud and sawdust is good enough for me cheersbar

I'll stick to my sponge and hand pump for cleaning the bilge.

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