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What a nice chap he is ..Before anyone says it i have no affiliation with him at all just that i have spoken to him at times.and read most of his posts...

As an important partner with Richardsons the largest boathire company on the Broads,he is without doubt an entrepanuer of new ideas along with his brother Paul.

One of the reasons his dad handed over the reigns to his sons is because he knew they would deliver better things for his hire company propelling them into the 21st century as a leading boat hire company.

I like many other were amazed about his boat building posts.

A lot of peeps on here followed his picture posts with envey i am sure, i know i did..

Long may they take the company on to better things... :Stinky

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I have met Clive on a few occasions....

I like him.....

enough said....

Apart from....

The input he puts onto this forum is great... it realy gives you an insight into the workings of a boat building, hire company, moorings letting boat yard..

Great bloke

cheersbarcheersbarcheersbar CLIVE

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Give over Barry you will be embarrassing him :lol:

Clive's contribution to the site is valued by all here I am sure; the widow into the running of a major Leisure Business is certainly of interest to me and his boat building threads has the odd interested viewer ;)

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Like you both said, you have only met me a couple of times, I must be at the top of the curve, only one way to go now :lol::lol:

There are a few of us here, we dont all agree on everything but we do all want the best for out staff, our customers, our industry and the area. we are not everyones cup of tea but thats life.

Glad you enjoy the posts, I cant always reveal all the secrets of the dark art we call boat building as we build differently to the other boatyards but that is what keeps me interested in what we do.. cheersbarcheersbar

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pass the bucket !! ;) only kidding.. my cliam to fame is i nearly ran him over outside the shed opposite the offices.. he was on his phone and seemed to be in a rush. it was turn around day lol.. have had the pleasure of speaking to his dad and what a lovely fella he is aswell, great threads and insights into the going ons at stalham clive, cheers.. from a happy and loyal customer..

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The Day Clive Joined the NBN and posted the boat building thread was a good time for the site.

Praise has to go further though as Clive and his team employ great people.

I meet many of the Richardsons team when im out and about at their many many many businesses all are very nice people to do business with

Local people are employed and local contractors are used.

It is companies like Richardsons that keep Norfolk great !

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The first time I saw Clive he was visiting a certain waterhole in Horning and I was gobsmacked that he was so 'ordinary', not the booted and suited type I expected him to be. Clives interaction on here and facebook with his customers really makes you feel valued as a customer and is I'm sure a huge contribution to the reason Richardsons have so many loyal customers who return to book with them year after year. As one of those customers I would like to say well done and a huge thank you to Clive, Paul and all their staff and to Mr Richardson Snr for providing my family with a boat to enjoy the broads on and for more than 20yrs and for the warm friendly welcome that we always receive from all at the yard. Keep up the good work Clive & Co!

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I’ve never met Clive – though I am sure that it will only be a matter of time before I bumping to him since becoming a regular visitor to the Broads and using Richardson’s to book with. I suppose this is as good a time as ever to thank the business he is part of as a whole, and while this forum is not affiliated to that it is nice to give credit where it is due.

I get the feeling that in this age of social media, many businesses have either been told by their website designers ‘get on Facebook and Twitter’ or, someone has thought in the company itself ‘it is about time we did that social media thingy’ – the problem with that is it seems all so shallow, such a thin veneer of actually wanting to interact with their customers. Not so with Richardson’s who really do get involved with their customers – even through the winter months – then there is the welcome one receives upon arrival which genuinely comes over as a ‘nothing is too much trouble for us’ attitude.

But all the welcome and warmth in the world means little when it comes to the product you are selling – and their boats have come along in laps and bounds over the years and yet continue to represent the best value. If you seek to be afloat and have all you need for a family holiday, you can’t do better – but to be honest it is the fact you are rewarded for loyalty which is why I have come back time and time again not only though the reward card, but a tangible discount for a second holiday and other offers which are not just on for a month and gone the next.

You see all this – the staff, moral, future plans and so on would not be possible without a good leader and someone who passionate not just about the business they are in, but making it better and their customers happy – happy customers come back. Clive and Paul therefore are the light that shines and makes everything else come together and long may it continue. You build awesome.

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